Tuesday, March 10, 2009

You do it.....I'm Tired

Im tired and dont feel like blogging....so please feel free to comment with your own Days of Grace lists for today. I would love to read them in my comments.


Young Momma said...

You okay??? :(

My days of grace... I'm only doin' it to make you feel better!!!!

Warm weather
Sleeping in
Well behaved kids
Another day with my fam
Lots and lots of water ;)

Amy said...

My DoGs:

Good School Day for J
Good news from the lawyer
IMing all evening

Tonya said...

I am too tired to blog too...but I'll do days of grace..I have always loved the concept of it...

1. peanut butter ice cream
2.Allyson having more sucesses on the potty today than accidents
3 My new spotbot for cleaning up the accidents...LOL
4. spending the day with my grandmom
5. fred cleaning the kitchen, starting the dishwasher and working on the laundry while I had company.

Its really hard to list only 5 today...LOL

Now if only I felt like doing my own blog...oh well, there is always tomorrow. (-;

Brenda Jean said...

Sleep well:)

I found grace in:
My online friendships
My van starting up.
Emily going to sleep on time.

Eudae-Mamia said...

The Youngest behaving in Walmart. Finally, an outing to the store without a tantrum to go with it.

A Day of Grace, indeed! Alleluia.

Take care of yourself - Em

Anonymous said...

Hey love!!! Hope your alright!

1)Warmer Weather
2)That God gave us His Love Letter
3)Your blog
4)Being able to truly have Life
5)Making a Difference and Impact

Rebecca Jo said...

Bless your heart - you ok????

Found grace in:

*A night at home - no plans - could relax
*safety from the storms that rolled overnight
*friends who encourage
*knitting for babies to come of friends
*chocolate chips!

CaJoh said...

Today I found grace in…

- Friends old and new.
- Family near and far.
- Dry sidewalks.
- Clam chowder and staying warm.

Hope you find grace in our grace. Glad to help.

Deb said...

oh, i actually like this! you may want to use it as a regular feature. i think it wouldn't even be considered cheating!!!

today, (well, yesterday) i found grace in:
-a fun lunch with friends after a LONG meeting
-talking to my old friend in Israel on Skype
-hubs eating steamed veggies for dinner so i didn't have to cook
-boys getting their homework done without resistance
-zebra cakes (my last pack, i swear!)

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