Monday, March 16, 2009


I had to pee. And of course J followed me. I never get to go by myself, but I guess all moms have this problem. It just got worse from there:

J: (pointing at my crotch) whats that?
Me: What?
J: That?
Me: My legs
J: No! That!
J: Why do you have that there?
Me: Oh! the hair?
J: yeah
Me: All big people have hair there
J: Can you get rid of it?
Me: um...No (didnt want to explain about shaving, waxing, etc to a 5 year old)
J: Please.....cause it scares me.

Then he walked away. Leaving me with my mouth wide open and speechless.


Jillene said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA!! The joys of Motherhood!!

Kristina P. said...

Oh, this made me giggle. I would have laughed louder, but I'm at work.

Deb said...

too funny!!!!! man, you do have your hands full... i love it!

The Blonde Duck said...

Oh my gosh! What do you say to that!


hahaha got lots of laughs from this one!

Young Momma said...

LOL Believe it or not, I remember having that conversation with my mom too. Too funny!!! My boys haven't asked about that too much yet, as I don't get alone bathroom time either... but for some reason, they always ask about my boobies. We were in Target awhile back and Silly yelled out "Look MOMMY! Those are for you!!" and pointed at the bras. LOL

Amy said...

OH MY!!! lol I guess I am lucky cause I get to go into the bathroom alone. J just stands outside talking to me! lol

Mom said...

Very funny... I remember some funny things you said when you were about that age too. This is one you will look back on years from now and it will always make you smile.

blueviolet said...

Now that is funny! It's scary? lol

Brenda Jean said...

BAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA Oh my gosh, that is just too funny. I can tell you won't be putting anything past him:)

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