Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow Day

Well, the storm hit and we ended up with about 7 inches of snow. We can't tell exactly because we have strong winds that have caused Big drifts. Either way, it is enough for the boys to have a BALL! After lunch we all bundled up and headed out. Hubby cleared the walk and driveway while the boys tried sledding down the hill in our front yard. Later on we all went out back. Hubby wanted to get a few pics of our pond with all the snow covering. He was in such a hurry to get back there that he missed the BEST and FUNNIEST moment that we should have caught on video and/or pictures. R was following all of us, moving at his usual slow pace.....and he started calling for us. I turned and saw him waist deep in a snow drift. He was stuck and yelling"Help! I cant make it! Help!" It was darned cute! So I went and helped him out and we met Hubby back by the pond. After that we (except Hubby who still had some shoveling to do) went in the house to get warm. This is the first time the boys didn't want Hot Chocolate after we came in, and I still don't know why. When Hubby was done working outside I sent him back out to get a big bowl full of snow to make Snow Ice Cream.
R was too busy watching an Elmo movie (and too tired to move) to help us. So J and I mixed and stirred and made the yummy frozen treat. Turns out only me and J ate the stuff too. Hubby said it was too sweet. And R stayed laying on the couch and had no interest in getting up for something cold, lol.
I thought it was pretty tasty....especially after it melted just a little bit. It was similar to Ice Milk, if you have ever had that. Yum!
Snow Ice Cream
-Big Bowl of clean Snow
-can of Evaporated milk
-3/4 cup white Sugar
-teaspoon vanilla extract
Mix ingredients together and pour onto ice cream. Mix completely and enjoy.


Anonymous said...

I have never even heard of Snow ice cream. This is quite amazing and I am so excited about it! :)

Deb said...

poor little r was just completely traumatized by his incident! i, too, have been stuck in snow before (big ski wipe out), and it isn't fun! it's like what i would think quick sand would be like! poor thing.

i adore snow ice cream. it is one of probably only a few happy memories from my childhood.

my boys haven't resurfaced from outside yet. i have a feeling they will want hot cocoa and then a hot shower. i am thinking there will be AT LEAST a delay, if not a full cancellation of school tomorrow. i would like to know tonight, so i can sleep in tomorrow without having to get up at 5 am to check!

Kristina P. said...

Just as long as it wasn't yello!!

CaJoh said...

My wife always tries to get a bowl of snow on the first day of snow for the season. She adds maple syrup, but condensed milk sounds even better.

Anonymous said...

Okay I finaly got my butt over to your profile and I see tha tyou are frm Jersey and I have to tell you, I have lived NSEW and some of my favorite people are from Jersey! So Hello! and I have had the snow icecream. yum!

and I'll post probably tomrrow what I thought about the SHACK... so check in with me, nice to have a new bloggie friend that comments. LOL I have so many friends that read the blog but won't comment LOL

Mom said...

Hey I was close...I thought you would get about 6 inches. I am with Deb, poor R getting stuck in the snow and you didn't even know it because he is a slow poke just like his mommy was when she was a little girl who also got stuck in the snow before too. ROFLMAO

I am really happy to be living in Arizona today that is for sure. Brrrrr

I am with John on the Snow Ice Cream. I just don't like it but it could be a mind thing knowing it came off the dirty ground. LOL

Jillene said...

Snow Ice Cream--sounds divine!! I am glad that you all had a fun Snow Day!!

Rebecca Jo said...

What a cool mom you are!!! (no pun intended!)

Amy said...

What an awesome day! and certainly a memorable one for R! I agree with Mom, don't think I could eat it knowing it came from the ground. I will make my own ice cream next weekend

nikkicrumpet said...

I wanted to see pictures of your pond...ours is covered with snow and you can only see one little spot where the bubbler is. I've never made snow icecream...I was sitting her telling hubby about it...and he said they did it all the time as kids...well dang I feel cheated. Good thing we have plenty of if I can just keep the dogs away from tromping through it and "coloring" it yellow. And thanks sooo much for your vote. I really appreciate it!

Tink said...

Gotta love that snow icecream! I am so ready for spring, tho. So darn ready for it! I actually saw some buds of flowers venturing up from the ground today! Wahoo!

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