Friday, March 6, 2009

A little clarification, some Rambling....and Days of Grace

Yesterday I mentioned getting a months worth of groceries for $90. This is true. But I didn't mention how we already have deer and elk meat in the freezer. Plus some beef since my MIL has a cattle farm. We still buy beef, but get alot from her. One more thing is that I have really been following the meal planning tips at Cindy's Porch. She has printable forms where you take "inventory" of what you have in your fridge, freezer and pantry. Then plan meals from that first. And I have come to realize that we have lots of stuff we have overlooked. So I have been using this plan to "shop at home" first, then make lists and plan for a whole month based on sales and coupons. So that is how I got my March groceries for $90. Oh....and I will still need milk, bread and eggs (maybe even cereal) each week.
Last night I came across another very helpful meal planning site. Food Storage Made Easy. I'm not into the whole food storage for a year thing, but I love anything that helps me plan meals and save money. They have an excel program where you set up your master food list and meals and it provides shopping lists and other info. Yay!

Now. I want to talk about my hubby. Today he was wonderful. He knows I am not feeling well and has picked up the slack. Usually I don't ask for help. But today I did. I asked him to make dinner for me and he said yes. Then he bathed the boys. All while I laid on the couch. I felt so guilty, but I'm working on needed to ask for help when I need help. It is a tough habit to break. But YAY you Rocked!
Now I want to talk about something I read in the Bible last night. I was reading Mark 9:2-29. One part talks about a father who went to ask Jesus to heal his son. This verse jumped out at It was ME saying it. "Immediately the father cried out, "I Do Believe! Help me to believe more!" (Mark 9:24)
Wow....I can totally relate. God gives us all spiritual gifts. When I was younger my church did a study on this to help us all figure out what our gifts were. I know that God blessed me with the gift of Faith. I have an unshakable Faith. Nothing can be said or done to make me doubt God or Jesus. Period. I'm very lucky with that. Many people struggle with doubts and what to believe. I feel like my Faith is hard-wired into my brain. So back to the verse, As much as I have a strong Faith and I KNOW God can do ANYTHING. I have a problem with trusting that he WILL do stuff. Did I lose you? For example....I know God can heal people. But I also know that he will only heal a person IF it is His will. So I know He CAN, but I don't always know that he WILL. So I can relate to this verse. That father believes but wants help to believe more. I believe but need help believing that prayers will be answered. I guess I need to let go of the things I want God to do and be happy with what He has planned.

Today I found Grace in

-Hubby (see above (-: )

-a nap


-A back rub from J

-Hubby....he was so awesome he deserves to be mentioned twice <3


Mom said...

Thanks for the tip about the site with the meal planning.

Hubby gets Hubby of the Month Award!!! Yeah Hubby...

God does speak to us and answers us and all you have to do is listen. I'm glad you listen and understand that he doesn't always answer you the way you want.

Love you,

Deb said...

i would call you out on cheating, but you are right, hubs deserves two shout outs.

i totally get what you are saying about faith. mine is hard-wired, too. it is just there... i never thought about it as being a gift, but i guess it is. after my big prayer crisis a couple of months ago, i have had so much more peace by surrendering control (not that i have been 100% at this).

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