Wednesday, March 4, 2009


The other day in a PMS induced whine session I wrote a blog. A very long blog. About myself. I didnt post it and I just deleted it. It was about me....but it wasn't me. Sorry if that seems cryptic. That blog explained some stuff about me that I haven't explained up to now. But it was boring and boo-hoo-ish (is that a word??). I think that I am not generally a complainer (ok, hubby would argue about that one) and don't usually go around blabbing about my health. But I have some major changes coming soon in my treatment and I think blogging will be a good way to alleviate some illness-induced I may actually give you the run-down.

Just not yet.


Young Momma said...

Health?? Illness? Treatment?? Should I be worried about you?? :(

Deb said...

oh i hope you do share... we're totally here for you if you decide to get it off your chest.

Amy said...

We are here for you. Tell us whatever you want to, when ever you are ready.

Mom said...

I am sure your blog friends will support you when you tell them what is going on.. {{Hugs}}

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