Wednesday, March 25, 2009

TMI and other crap

Im on clear liquids only today. Want to know why? Because I have to prep for my colonoscopy tomorrow. Sounds fun, huh? I am thinking that the prep is probably worse than the test, since I will be sleeping during the test and wont know if they stick the tube in the right hole or anything. Gross. Ugh. Im hungry and it is going to be a long, long day. I just hope some new magazines come in the mail today so I have something to look at while I spend my entire evening in the potty.

Happy Wednesday.


Rebecca Jo said...

Good for you for getting a colonoscopy done!!!

But yes - the prep is by far the worst part of it!!!! When do you have to start taking the pills or the liquid you have to drink - what did they give you? I sadly know way too much about colonoscopies!!!

Drink Gatorade or some sort of sports drink to keep you going through the day!!!!

Let us know how it goes!

Deb said...

oh denise... i do NOT envy you! i am with you... i don't care what they do to me while i am sleeping, but going without food? ugh.

Jillene said...

Me too!! I can eat up until noon and then clear liquids it is. I also have to drink Magnesium Citrate which is a Saline Laxitive--good times.

Hope the test goes well--good luck Denise!!

Kristina P. said...

That's horrible! I would have a very time fasting. Good luck!

Mom said...

My prayers are with you to get thru the prep and hope you don't have to drink that Go-lightly crap. It is the worst ever. The colonoscopy itself is a breeze and I hope you get pamphlets and magazines or something to keep your mind off your hunger today. Hang in there, you will make it. I can't say go to bed early because you won't be able to sitting on the potty. (((Hugs)))

Mimi said...

The prep is the worst part.

Just be careful afterwards. About 2 hours after my last one I thought I had to toot & well, I'll leave the rest to your imagination!

Young Momma said...

I'm really not quite sure what that's all for or what... but... that sucks. ;) I hope you have luck getting through the whole day with no foods! I'd be ANGRY! lol

Real Mom, Real Life said...

Hmmm, good luck on your procedure. Have fun on liquids!

Amy said...

the prep is the worst part. You won't know anything while they do the test and when you wake up, you get to eat! YAY! HUGS and PRAYERS!!

Call/email/IM me when you are done!

Becky Sue said...

Uggggh. So sorry you have to go through that!
Wishing you speedy time tomorrow!

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