Thursday, March 12, 2009

3rd time is the HARDEST....or hard-headed-est.

R is not happy with me today. I put big boy undies on him. And every so often I put him on the potty seat. So far neither of us is winning. Which I guess is kinda good. But I think I need to give him some iced tea or something that will make him HAVE to pee. Any other suggestions? I am already trying to bribe him (no remarks about that Tonya, lol) with candy and the promise of a Happy Meal.....and he is not buying it. Wish me and Ray luck on our new adventure.


~Jamie said...

I have always used a treasure box of prizes and the "shoot the cheerio" game to get my boys to go. Go luck-boys are tough!!

Rebecca Jo said...

Sounds like a very strong minded son you have... your teen years with him should be fun! :-)

Deb said...

oh my... i have no advice whatsoever on this one. my mom managed to potty train my oldest while she was up visiting one year. and youngest kind of figured it out on his own (albeit rather late).

Young Momma said...

Oh good luck! ;) We did the timer with my oldest. We'd put the timer at every 15 minutes the first day, 20 minutes the next, 25, 30, etc. You get the idea. Eventually we stopped (i think around 40) but he still didn't quite get it. So we just left the underwear in his drawer and let him wear them when he wanted. Sometimes he'd wear them over his diaper, sometimes without the diaper. He eventually got it on his own (after two or three accidents). He was a 3 (maybe a lil after?) when he finally got it down. ;) I always say let them figure it out on their own. lol Less headache for mom.

Tink said...

Oh man, I am so way beyond this potty training thing, but I definitely remember the frustrations. With my son, a timer worked. Every hour the timer went off, we had him try to go potty. With my daughter, it was putting pretty panties on and the first time it dripped down her leg, she decided the potty was the better alternative! Good luck my friend!

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