Sunday, March 15, 2009

Coupons.....Today and Days of Grace

I just opened my email and found an offer for $2 off coupons for Snuggle Fabric softener. They also send me info to paste the widget on my blog and share the coupon with my followers.....Enjoy!
How Darned Cute is that Bear?!?

Ok, on to today. I woke up feeling like a truck ran over me. Stiff, tired and in some serious pain. So I missed church to stay home and take some pain meds and a nap. I was a little better this afternoon so I went to my MIL's for lunch. C stopped by in his car to give me a ride. His Dad is teaching him to drive a stick-shift and my MIL's must have been on the way. I was thrilled. Thrilled that he was doing so well after only 2 or 3 lessons and thrilled that he thought to stop and pick me up. Even if he didnt think it was a big deal, I did. Thanks C! Tonight as I was trying to wrangle my over-active little boys into bed I was thinking how they never stop running, never stop talking, never stop playing, etc. Then little Tuesday popped into my head and I was suddenly thankful that they never stop running, never stop talking and never stop playing. Isnt it amazing how quickly we lose patience with our loved ones until we hear about someone losing always snaps me back to reality.

Today I found Grace in....

-C taking me for a ride in his car

-Over active little boys!

-Brownies fresh from the oven

-Percocet (today was one of those days!)

-Examine and see how good the Lord is. Happy is the person who trusts him. Psalm 34:8


Kristina P. said...

I love the Snuggle bear!!

Deb said...

oh that bear is funny.

i made brownies today, too! except i haven't eaten mine yet. hubs and moody teen should be getting through the door anytime now... i hope they don't want too many.

please get plenty of rest and take care of yourself!!!!

Tim said...

Wow, I hope you continue to get to feeling better!

Love and Prayers,


Young Momma said...

(((hugs))) I hope you feel better ASAP!!! I had brownies today too, but they weren't fresh. My MIL made them yesterday. ;)

I love me some percs when I'm in some honest pain. :)

D said...

Just wanted to say "hi" & enjoy those cute boys!! I love your blog header! Hope you feel better soon -- being a mom & being sick is a difficult combination. D

Samkay said...

I hope riding in his car was fun! :)

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