Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Note to Self/Others

Note to Self:
No blogging before you are fully wide awake and/or while waiting for meds to work.

Note to Others:
So sorry I wrote such a down and depressing blog this morning. I'm feeling a little better physically and a lot better mentally. Thanks for letting me vent <3


Oh Boy...Oh Boy...Oh Boy said...

I think it's ok to vent/whine/complain every now and then. It let's other know we're HUMAN!

Anonymous said...

Over from SITS.

Everyone needs a moment to vent. It does a mind good to clean out the cobwebs!

Young Momma said...

Oh poo! I like that your honest in your blogs! We all have crappy days and we can share them!!!

Anonymous said...

vent away, it's the venting that let you feel better, right?

go girl!

sorry you were down and not feeling well.

nikkicrumpet said...

I read the post from yesterday and feel so bad you're having such a terrible time. I can imagine how health issues that severe would evenutally wear you down and take all your energy. It's hard to feel happy and optimistic when you're hurting. I'm glad to hear you're feeling a bit better now. And I think sometimes venting is the only way to vent away!

Deb said...

i'm glad you felt like you could vent (or were you just too tired to care?).... we're here anytime. lord knows you have been here for all of us! repeatedly!

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