Sunday, March 8, 2009

Happy Sunday!

Look! Spring really is coming!
I am sooooo happy to see these Daffodils. It means that these couple of warm days are a sign of good things to come. We have been outside for most of the day. The boys played in the dirt at Mommom's while Hubby and I worked in the garden tearing down dead vines, etc. (Actually I didnt do much more than follow him and talk, but that counts, right?)
After we came home the boys played in the sandbox and on the swingset while Hubby grilled porkchops and I made all the sides for our dinner. Now they are playing nicely on the living room floor. I love the time change....except in the mornings when I have to get up earlier. Like today, when I didnt get up in time and missed Church. I am TOTALLY to blame.
Ok, here is a question for ya?!? I have had some wrapped Christmas presents in my basement that are for one of my girlfriends kids. I bought them two Christmas's ago and even though I still talk to my friend, our schedules NEVER mesh and we dont see each other. So anyhoo.....Im really tired of looking at these wrapped gifts....especially since I know by now her kiddos have probably outgrown them. I asked hubby and he agreed with me and I brought one up for the boys. Do you think that is horrible? Other second part of the question is whether or not you would give your boys a Littlest Pet Shop playland?!? I know, I know....its a girls toy, but they dont care. Hubby stuck his nose up but didnt say too much. I think what I did was fine, but I still would love to hear some honest opinions....what do you think?
Today I found Grace in....
Dirt (that the boys were playing in)
Hearing my little ones saying prayers
Old Christmas Presents (I unwrapped some Bath and Body stuff for me, lol)
A nice long conversation with my MIL.
I hope everyone else had beautiful weather and got outside to enjoy it today.


Lana said...

I looove daffodils. They're my favorite!

I don't see anything wrong with the "re-gifting". Heck, I've done it! Pretty much the same scenario as yours!

I think the only time there would be a "problem" with a little boy playing with "girl" toys, would be if the little boy didn't want to play with it. Other than that, I think it's all good to go!

Kristina P. said...

I think everyone regifts.

And I forgot it was Daylight Saving, so I didn't get up in time for church either.

~Jamie said...

I say let the boys rock the Littlest Pet Shop. It just pets, all be pink fluffy cutie pets. But pets just the same. My 5 year old son loves to play with the ones that my daughter deems available for him. I say no biggie!

Mommy Cracked said...

The flowers are beautiful! A sure sign that spring is "springing"! (haha!)

I'd absolutely let them have the toy...I'm sure they'd love it!

Deb said...

listen, we still have our littlest pet shop that sweet mr. beans used to play with. let me know if you need any accessories!

Rebecca Jo said...

my tulips are coming up too!! Excited!!

And why let a good toy go to waste!! Especially if its been sitting there... & hey, its pets - not barbie's... the littlest pets could be furicious for the boys :-)

Sarah Mae said...

I say give the gifts to the boys - and it's not too girlie! :)


Amy said...

I love daffodils!! A sure sign that spring and sunshine are here to stay!!!!

Mom said...

The daffodils are beautiful.

I agree let the boys play with the toys. No Problem that I can see here.

I still HATE the Daylight Savings Time. We can't talk enough. Boo Hoo

Young Momma said...

Very pretty picture! :)
I do the regift thing all the time!!!

I wondered about the pet shop too! My older one wants it 'cause his girl cousin has it - he just loves animals!! Glad to see that so many people thought it was cool! ;)

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