Friday, September 25, 2009

Today and this weekend

Today is the 9th Anniversary of when Hubby and I ran off and eloped. I highly recommend it. No wedding stress and SO much cheaper. Love you Hubby!!!

I had to take R to the pediatrician this morning. It is day three of a fever, etc.....turns out both ears are infected. His right ear is so bad that the doctor was shocked it wasnt leaking (ew!). So we stopped to pick up antibiotics and ear drops before heading home to nap in the living room. We are both exhausted.

Tomorrow (if R is feeling better) we are heading down to the Dover Speedway. We are true rednecks and go watch the cars ride in circles. And we love it.

Well, I guess I should go work on cleaning the kitchen and then making dinner. No fancy Anniversary dinner out for us....oh no! (sniff, sniff)

Oh wait! I was such a dork last night. I cried off and on throughout the ENTIRE Greys Anatomy season opener. It wasnt like it was a shock....I knew it was coming. So why all the stupid tears?? Ugh.

Thats all I have for now.....Go enjoy your weekend!!


Mom said...

Happy Anniversary babe. Hope R feels better and you get to go tomorrow. I am glad you both got a nap and I am headed for one rightt now. I cried off and on last night watching that stupid show too. You might think we were friends with the people on tv and close friends too. LOL

Kristina P. said...

Happy anniversary!

Trisha Pearson said...

Happy Anniversary!

I hope the antibiotics kick in quickly for your little guy. Poor kid!

I haven't watched Grey's Anatomy yet, but I know I'll cry throughout. There is something about that show that really gets me. They really know how to get the viewer emotionally involved, that's for sure.

Mimi said...

Happy anniversary. I hope R feels good enough to go tomorrow.

Amy said...

Hope R is feeling better quickly! Enjoy tomorrow!

Alice in Wonderland said...

You actually ELOPED? How romantic! Have a very happy anniversary!
Hope R feels better soon, and that you can have the day out that you need!
Have a great day! Big Hugs! XX

Becky said...

I look back and wish we would have just eloped it would have been so much EASIER!
Happy anniversary and I hope the little one if feeling better.

Soft Hugs to All: Laurie D. said...

Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby.
Don't feel bad about dinner, we never have a fancy dinner either. Usually it turns out that there is a boyscout function on our anniversary. lol
Have a good, happy weekend.
I hope R feels better soon.
Soft Hugs to You
Laurie D.

CaJoh said...

Happy Anniversary! Ours was our 10th. We went out for dinner last night and will be going out to a show tonight. Hope you had fun celebrating your anniversary.

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