Monday, September 21, 2009

If God is Good ....Book Review

If God is Good... Faith in the Midst of Suffering and Evil
By Randy Alcorn
Many people today question the existence of God. These people all seem to lean towards the same thought process that if there was a God, why would he allow so much evil and suffering that happens in our world. Violence, Neglect, name it, it happens. And not just to bad people. We constantly hear of sick children or of accidents that take the lives of parents leaving children orphans. There is violent crime that shakes families to the core. So where is God in all this. Right smack in the middle. Hoping you will reach out to him during these dark times.
I have to be honest this book is not something I would have normally read on my own. I am so thankful that Waterbrook Multnomah offered it to me for a review. Reading this book opened my eyes to how others view evil and suffering and how they form their opinions. Of course I went into this book already having an opinion. Which was (and still is) that God is with us, even on our darkest days, even when you don't think he is there. He is. And always will be.
In the book, Mr. Alcorn explained the thought process from both sides, the non-believers and the believers. I think doing this really validated his message. Which was that God does allow in a sense that he does not stop all evil from occurring. He is able, but chooses to step back and hopefully allow those bad situations to bring you closer to Him. He does not orchestrate these bad things to happen, but he does allow free will. Free will along with Satan's influence causes havoc in our world.
I want to thank Waterbrook Multnomah for allowing me to read and review this book. It has really touched me and opened my eyes on this subject. I also would like to thank Randy Alcorn for writing such a thought provoking book. I will be watching to see what he writes next.
If you are interested in finding more information on this book or buying this book, click HERE.

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Rebecca Jo said...

Maybe I should give Randy Alcorn another chance... his book "heaven" ticked me off so bad, any time I saw his name - I'd hiss... BLAH! Maybe its time I see something else of his & see if he angers me anymore! :)

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