Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Oh Boy! So many changes in such a short amount of time. Most importantly is that J started his first day of kindergarten this morning. And yes, I cried when he left. He was all smiles and at least waved to us once he was on the bus. Me and R both started to cry about the same time....we both missed him right away. As I am writing this I only have 2 hours to go until I can hold him and hug him again. Apparently Hubby is just as anxious as I am with J going to school. Neither one of us really trusts other people with our kids (that is normal, right???) so sending him with a strange bus driver to go to a school full of other strangers is nearly panic inducing. We were discussing all our worries and fears last night when I mentioned a fear I have that really freaked Hubby out....What if he gets on the wrong bus home? I know! It could happen, and WE.WOULD.FREAK! Thankfully our school district is small and only has two buses. So we at least know where to find him if he does get on the wrong bus.

Another change is that there will be no more pictures of the boys on my blog (or facebook). Apparently me putting pictures of them online has been upsetting Hubby for a long, long time. I respect his wishes....I just wish he would have TOLD me earlier instead of letting his anger of the issue boil into a huge issue. I am not a mind-reader. Anyhow...from now on only pictures without the boys will be posted. Pictures with the boys will be emailed only to family and close friends.

I only have today and tomorrow left with my Mom taking care of the house. My parents leave on Thursday to head back to AZ. Boo! Right now my house is picked up, laundry is done and kitchen is clean. By monday Im sure it will be a disaster around here. I still have all my restrictions for a few more weeks....no lifting, pushing, pulling, picking up, vacumming, etc.
Wish me luck....or send me a maid. Otherwise things will be getting real ugly real quick.


Amy said...

I can be your maid over the weekend! Jacob is supposed to go to his Dads

Kristina P. said...

I hope they have a great school year!

Blog Stalker said...

Your fear IS normal. Our boy was lost on a bus for two hours once(not to scare you) because the bus driver thought he was a different boy and sat waiting at the wrong stop for an hour. Then phoned school to say he was bringing that boy back. When panicked parents(us) called the bus driver said our boy was not on the bus.......one of the worst two hours ever! ugh!

I for one can totally respect hubby's fears as well.

Have a great day!

Young Momma said...

Ack!!! I am glad that my boys wont need to use school buses! Scary!!!!

I understand about the no picture thing (obviously, lol) but I'll miss the adorable pics!!!!!

Jennifer said...

I hope you get to cash in soon with swagbucks!

Also, I noticed that you have quite a few visitors. How do you do this? I've been trying for a while and need a few pointers.

Susan B. at warmchocmilk said...

Okay. Blog stalker has totally freaked me out. My Weston starts kindergarten TOMORROW!! I just found your site and LOVE IT! I think we have a lot in common!! I'll be back, I became a follower!

Mimi said...

Oh, I remember crying. Then I cried when they started middle school, high scool, when JD started driving...it never ends!


OMG - i did my ugly oprah cry when i dropped my son off at kindergarten. you would have thought i just buried him instead of left him safe and secure in a kindergarten classroom. it just becomes REALITY that they are not babies anymore and that (my biggest thing) we can't control what happens to them for those few hrs every day. first grade, totally diff. i practically skipped out of the school! it gets better!

Rebecca Jo said...

AAHHH... tears of a mom of their baby growing up!!! I'm sure everything was just fine...

& why didnt your hubs say anything about the pictures... men are so funny! Does he mind your header? just want to hold off another fight if that didnt come up! :)

yonca said...

Hope they have a wonderful school year. I remember the first day when my son started kindergarten.
I cried too!
I'm following you now ;-)
Have a great afternoon!

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