Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Fairy Tale....or a complaint, you decide

A long time ago a wonderful prince named Sir Petty fell in love with Lady Labonte. They shared a love of all things Nascar and spent two weekends a year at the Dover Races. On Dover race weekends there are 3 races, one on Friday, one on Saturday and the big race on Sunday. At first Sir Petty would drive Lady Labonte back and forth daily, over 120 miles round trip daily (3 days in a row) traffic. This got old quick so Sir Petty and Lady Labonte bought an old (used and abused) travel trailer to take to the track on race weekends. Not only was this more convenient for the royal couple, but it was cheaper too. No more daily parking rates and gas guzzling. Plus it meant no more mornings being up before the sun to try and beat the traffic. Those race weekends were so special to the couple. It was their alone time (because Lady Labonte's son didn't like Nascar and stayed at his dads house on those weekends). Not much changed through the years except for a new travel trailer to replace the old one. THEN the royal couple had their first prince. Because Sir Petty has trust issues he decided that they no longer needed to go to the races....except for a quick shopping trip, with new Prince in tow. Eventually the royal couple had another prince, thus giving Sir Petty even more reason why any and all race tickets should be sold. Last spring, the princes were finally old enough to go to the track AND actually go in. Sir Petty planned to take Lady Labonte and the two princes to the Friday race since it is a shorter race and less crowded. Their royal outing was overthrown by a huge rainstorm which caused the Royal family to need to go back to the track the following day. This also gave way to the Princes attending the Saturday race. Which is longer and more crowded. Much to Sir Petty's amazement the older prince LOVED it. He was entranced and watched the entire race. The smaller prince lost interested but played nicely on the seat next to him. This made Lady Labonte happy. Very happy because she missed the long weekends at the track. Staying in the camper, with no long commute to or fro. This gave her hope....and plans for the future.
This is where the story remains. At a stand still. Sir Petty is not convinced that he should take his royal family down to the track for the entire weekend. Even though they have tickets for both Saturday and Sunday races. AND have had no luck selling the Sunday tickets. Lady Labonte suggested that Sir Petty take the oldest prince to the Sunday race since there are only 2 tickets. While she and the younger prince stay at the camper.

So what do you think? Is Lady Labonte right? Should the royal family reinstate their Dover weekend trips? Or should they just attend one day and try to sell the Sunday tickets.

And if you agree with Sir Petty.....would you like to buy two Dover tickets?


Eva Gallant said...

Cute post. I think Lady Labonte is right!

Just stopping by from SITS to say hi; hope you'll do the same!

BTW the princes are adorable!

Alice in Wonderland said...

The Princes are really so cute!
I reckon that you should just sell the Sunday tickets and treat yourself and Princes to something else!!!
Just popped by from Emma's site to say H1. I hope that you will stop by my blog sometime!

Amy said...

Oh I think the Sunday race would be good Bonding time for everyone!


i agree with eva - lady labonte has her head screwed on straight with this one. so much time wasted on driving. let them have some BOY time!

Hi! I'm Grace said...

Hi Denise, it is so nice to be back here in your blog. I enjoyed reading your post. You always have a bright idea on everything. :)

Amy@My Front Porch said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog! Yours is so cute!

I noticed you've read quite a few Beverly Lewis books -- I LOVE her! Especially the "Abram's Daughters" series. My husband makes fun of me for being so interested in Amish people :)

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