Friday, April 3, 2009

On my prayer list

I found a few blogs that are written by other Sjogrens sufferers. One in particular is really sticking out in my mind. It is written by a woman named Vicky who, because of Sjogrens attacking her kidneys, is currently on the Transplant List. I would like all my bloggy buddies to please pray for her.....for a new kidney, for healing and for comfort. Thanks!


Vicky said...

Thank you Denise! And all your bloggy friends. I really think prayer has kept me from needing dialysis. I was given approx. 2 years last summer before I would need it. My numbers have flucuated a bit, but always go back to where they were when I was told by the specialists that I needed a transplant. Until then my numbers were tumbling downward into a spiral at a fast pace and now they just hold steady! God does amazing things!

Christian said...

I feel like I missed something really big here, what is Sjogerns? Do you suffer from this too?

Mom said...

Your wish is our command and not only for Vicki but all who suffer including you.

Young Momma said...

Your so sweet Denise. :)

Christian said...

Okay, I feel really dumb...I have been doing a much better job at reading your blog, and now I see. I can't imagine getting through each day with kiddos and constant pain. Thank you for giving the glory to God, and for the Days of Grace.

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