Wednesday, April 29, 2009

2 weeks to go?

Here are my plans for today.....
put laundry away,
take a nap
and make dinner.

Please say a quick prayer that I can handle all this. Ugh.

P.S I have a doctors appointment thursday and another one on monday and next thursday. Where things stand right now, if I get cleared next week to start Methotrexate then I should be starting it within the next 2 weeks. I think being off my meds for nearly 2 months have helped my reservations about taking the methotrexate. Im feeling so crappy I am willing to try just about anything now.



Jillene said...

Good luck. I am planning on slave driving my husband so the house gets cleaned, make a birthday dinner and cake for my son, and hopefully take a nap.

Rebecca Jo said...

Your plans need to have a nap in between EACH of those things!!!!

Praying for the right treatment for you!!!

Amy said...

Rebecca has a great idea of a nap between each thing. At least sit and rest between the things! Take your time. All that will get done someday.

HUGS!!! and prayers that the next two weeks go quickly and all the Docs clear you and of course that the new med works.

Mom said...

Well I sure hope you don't over do it again. Please don't skip the Nap. If you have to skip something let it be anything but the nap,

I am as excited about your new meds as you are. Just let me know when I can mark my calendar. The prayers are already in motion.

Em said...

Is that by priority? Silly girl, nap should always come first.

Can't wait to see how you're going to benefit from the new medication!

Deb said...

that's a good plan... pace yourself. and the laundry can wait (unless, like mine, your kids are having to dig through the dirty clothes hamper to find socks).

i am so excited for you, denise. i am so hopeful that this next round of treatment is going to ultimately make you feel so much better. don't forget we are here for you every step of the way!

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