Friday, April 24, 2009

Days of Grace and Tball pics

I am on hubby's computer so I have a chance to load some pics from t-ball. He took a much better picture of the boys sitting on the bench. I just love how they are all lined up in numerical order and how J is looking back at us. and here is J kicking at the dirt...

and hitting the ball...

and posing for daddy...

and little man R. Who was VERY excited to see his brother hit the ball and run to first base.

Speaking of R, I gave him two big glasses of iced tea this morning and he peed and peed and peed. He peed IN the potty 7 times and had one accident. He sat on the potty to try and pee at least another 8 times. I am starting to think going cold turkey off the diapers was the right way to go....and I have high hopes that maybe by June we will have us a fully potty trained 3 year old.

Today I found Grace in....

-Hubby having work to do at my MIL's after his bad mood this morning. Sometimes it is good to get them out of the house :-)

-C coming to visit for the weekend. I just finished watching a movie with him. Plus I sent him on an ice cream run after the little boys went to bed. I am starting to think that having one child who can drive just might be a blessing.

-My mom. She is so loving. I can't ever begin to explain how much she means to me....and how sweet I think she is for leaving such great comments for me. Thanks Mom!! Your the best!!

-Ice cream. I know, I mentioned it earlier in my list but it deserves its own spot. Don't you think?

- Lord, remember your mercy and love that you have shown since long ago. Psalm 25:6


Kristina P. said...

He looks great! He must love it.

And ice cream always deserves a shout out.

Loren Christie said...

I love your blog. My son starts t-ball tomorrow. Thank you for sharing.

Samkay said...

Aw, both boys look so cute!!! :)
YAY for hopefully having a potty trained 3 year old by June :) that is a very good thing.
I told C he sucks for getting ice cream....he laughed at me and agreed with me on that one....He didn't seem too keen to bring me some either. LOL

Deb said...

if you gave ME 2 big glasses of tea, i'd pee in the toilet 7 times and have one accident, too!

the pics are awesome. keep 'em coming!

LOL said...

The picture of the boys in thier team uniform sitting on the bench is just adorable. The other pictures are great seeing JP in action on the field and off. R is cute as he tells you how excited he is watching his big brother do good.

Yes, it's a good thing when hubby has to leave the house on days he is not in a good mood.

C going out to get you ice cream was well deserved to get mentioned on finding grace.

Thanks for mentioning me too. I woke up hurting from head to toe after doing too much work yesterday and then I came out and read your blog and it made a lot of my pain just drift away as I went on a moment of cloud 9 Thank You Very Much.

Ice Cream does deserve a mention of it's own since it came from Huddocks. Ahhhh the custard stand. Now C is in Big Trouble Mister for not taking some to Sam. (I would be upset if I was you too Sam). LOL

MOM said...

I can't believe I typed LOL instead of MOM on my post. Now you have something to laugh about for a long long time. My mind must be hurting as much as my body today huh. Anyway, the LOL is MOM OK?

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