Monday, April 20, 2009

Days of Grace

Today I found Grace in....

-Rain. I am tired of the rain just like everyone else. But I still find Grace in it...since I know that it is needed to make the flowers and veggies grow in the garden.

-Bedtime. The boys bedtime did not get here soon enough.

-a 3 hour nap. Enough said.

-A friend making me laugh

-When their enemies hurt them, the Israelites cried for help. So the Lord felt sorry for them and sent judges to save them from their enemies. The Lord was with those judges all their lives. Judges 2:18

Yep, you read that right....even though the Israelites strayed from God and did everything He told them not too, he still answered their cries for help. He Felt Sorry For Them! God is Good.


Vodka Mom said...

yes, He is.


Kristina P. said...

A 3 hour nap is awesome!

Rebecca Jo said...

Love that verse...great insight!!!

And yes, 3 hour nap... enough said! Hey - that's more sleep then I got for the WHOLE night last night!!!

Deb said...

okay, 3 hour nap. i am green with envy. and yes, speaking of green, the rain is making everything so green and pretty.

Amy said...

I can't recall how I stumbled onto your blog but I love reading your posts - especially your daily grace's. It reminds me to take the time to be thankful each day for the big things, the little things, and everything that helps me through the day. Three hour naps included.

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