Monday, April 13, 2009

Free Labor

Anyone want to know an easy way to get those pesky chores done? You know, the ones that get put off and put off because NO one wants to do them. Well I have the perfect solution.....
Teenage Punishment = Manual Labor
Here is the list so far....and it keeps growing
1. Clean the icky cabinet under the sink. Pull everything out, sweep it out, wipe it out with Clorox wipes and put stuff back neatly.
2. Scrape paint off garage door, all trim, front door and all its trim.
3. Sweep and mop kitchen and bathroom floor
4. Any Suggestions??


Aliceson said...

wash windows, vac. out the car,
clean cabinet doors with clorox wipes, organize the plastic container cabinet and throw anything away that doesn't have a lid. Wipe out out all of the shelves in the refrigerator...

How bad have they been? I could go on for days...

Kristina P. said...

Well, you know how I feel about child labor. The younger the better!!

Deb said...

the toilets! i say toilets!

i would ask to borrow your punishee, but i have my own that i can put to work!

Rebecca Jo said...

I too was thinking toilets...

Or how about cleaning out the hair from the drains... YUCK!!!!

Anonymous said...

LOL... I love it!@ and it's true... I have had more 'work' done since my 12 year old started JR high than ever before.... did you add clean out the fridge? LOL

Mimi said...

I would suggest you send him to my house!!

Lana said...

Foot rub. An hour per foot. although If I were to use that as a punishment for my kids I might just take advantge, so scratch that idea...maybe. ;)

Pamela Kramer said...

bathe pets!
clean out fridge
mop, sweep, vacuum
clean your knick knacks
pooper scoop the yard!
wash the garbage cans

Jillene said...

The fridge and the oven. All the windows inside and out. Shower/bathtub grout and tile. Yard work--weeding and raking.

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