Friday, August 14, 2009

Hospital Update #2

Hi everyone,

I just got home from seeing Denise. She is doing much better. It was a rough night and morning. She was in TONS of pain yesterday and the push button thingy was not helping. Once they fixed the IV, she started feeling better and then started puking. YUCK! When I texted with her this morning she was not happy and I was doubting that I would be able to get to see her today.

When I texted her around dinner time, she was feeling better, not puking anymore. John and another friend were there so I headed over. She is still in a lot of pain but is able to get up and use the bathroom. When John and I left tonight, they were going to check and see if she needed to have the catheter put back in but didn't! YAY!

The three of us had a very nice visit until the nurse kicked us out at the end of visiting hours. Denise's Dr was thinking she could go home tomorrow but right now, Denise is not wanting to go home. She doesn't feel she is strong enough yet.

We'll see how tomorrow goes! Denise appreciates the prayers and positive thoughts and asks to keep them coming!



Mom said...

Thanks for keeping everyone in the loop about Denise. I was a nervous wreck all day knowing how sick she was and being 2,000 miles from her. Not that I could do anything but still I wish I was there now. I can't wait till Aug 31st when we will be there. You are such a good friend to her. You even combed all the tangles out of her hospital bedhead hair. Now that is a good friend. Love ya kid,

Deb said...

maybe she should just stay there and rest! if she goes home, i bet she will feel the need to "get to work" and do too much!!

tell her we love her and to hang tough!

Em said...

Thanks for the update Amy!! Glad things are looking up.

Kristina P. said...

Poor Denise! I hope that she regains her strength!

Mimi said...

Thanks so much for the update. I pray they don't send her home tomorrow. I hope the insurance company doesn't send her home before she's strong enough!

EmmaP said...

yeah... i remember those days. i didn't want to leave the hospital either. they told me i could go home once i could get up and walk a few times around the wing and once i went #2 on my own... well... needless to say, i felt like a 2 year old, trying to control my body... hehehe. except i tried NOT to go, just so i could stay in the hospital. they eventually kicked me out and sent me home. luckily my mom came to help. hope she feels better tomorrow... oh, and tell her I have her membership waiting for the "No-Uterus Club"... hahaha! she'll know what I'm talking about!

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