Thursday, August 27, 2009

And I trust these idiots with my money

I went to the bank this morning. I needed to get ANOTHER bank check to pay the nursing home bill (for my Poppop). I also needed to ask them WHY I still don't have the checks that I ordered nearly 2 months ago.
Me: Can you please explain why I haven't received my check order yet?
Her: Let me check....oh yes, I see. It was mailed a couple weeks ago.

Then she tells me the address that it was sent to......the address of the house my Poppop used to live in. The one he hasn't lived in for 2 years and SOLD over a year ago. Are you kidding me??

Me: Why on EARTH would they send the checks to that address? I came in here and told you we sold the house. I changed the address and everything.
Her: Well, it is different with checks.
Me: What do you mean it is different with checks?
Her: That's a whole different animal.
Me: Huh?
Her: Yes, the account address and the check address are two totally different things. Totally different animals.

WTH? Animal? We are talking ADDRESSES Woman!!

By this time I am seriously disturbed and pissed off. My bottom hurts, I got up and drove in to the bank by myself to hear this crap.

Anyway, after several crazy exchanges she assured me that she will order new checks with the correct address on them. But it still left me wondering why you can have any old address you want on your checks?? And why this woman continued to tell me they were different animals?

Dumb Arses.....UGH.


Deb said...

oh for crying out loud...

trublubyu said...

that sounds so frustrating! hopefully it all gets straightened out.

Mimi said...

Oh this is part of the reason I hate dealing with people.

Is there someone living in Poppop's house who will get your checks???

Rebecca Jo said...

yeah... we deal with banks daily... I worry myself about these people in control of my money?

Amy said...

The intelligence of the people we trust with our money is astounding!

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