Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hi and Bye

I know I have been slacking in my blog responsiblities and I am sorry. Really I am. I have been trying to squish too many activities into not enough days. Plus my body is trying to go on strike. Last week I went to the county fair 4 nights in a row. Should I have? OH NO. No no no. But did I listen to my body? No. Did I listen to my mom and Amy? No. When I told Hubby that I was unable to physically handle 4 nights at the fair....did I cave? Oh yes I did. I even went up the first night without Hubby. Yes, my intentions were to just drop off produce for judging....but when the boys wanted to stay, I stayed. BAD DENISE!!! So anyhoo.....things are rough right now. It is hard to get all the last minute cleaning and preparing done when all your joints are locked up and your muscles hurt like a truck ran over you...twice. Besides that J is not handling the news of Mommy's trip to the hospital very well. In fact he bawled his little eyes out when I told him. R just smiled and said "Im happy!!". He is so cute....even when he is clueless he is adorable. I know that both boys will be just fine once I am out of sight.....and they probably wont even miss me. But the days before hand are full of drama and tears. Some are even mine. Why oh why did they have to schedule me for surgery when I have PMS. It was a bad idea. So besides drama and tears I have been having tons of nightmares. Crazy, off the wall nightmares. Last night I woke up screaming IN my dream but not out loud, thankfully. And tonight I tried to sleep but laid in bed crying and crying. Crap.

So I am pretty sure this is my worst post ever....but I needed to stop by to say Hi...sorry I havent been around and then Bye! I wont be around for awhile. I am hoping Amy or Mom will guest post once or twice to let you know how everything went. Wish me luck and say a prayer.....for me and my boys. Thanks!!

Oh BTW....my boys won 3 ribbons for the tomatos that they entered into the fair. One first place, one second place and one honorable mention. Woo Hoo!! Oh, I almost forgot here are some fair pictures (plus a pic of Amy and my feet after getting my first ever Pedicure)


Kristina P. said...

Congrats on the tomato win! I love delicious tomatoes.

Rebecca Jo said...

Yes - I hope someone keeps everyone up to date!!!

Sorry you're having nightmares & so upset... sending you BIG HUGS!!!

Kristin said...

You are in my prayers and I have faith that your procedure will be a complete success and that the boys will be just fine. Sounds like the fair was fun even if you did overdo it a bit. Take care of yourself. Please update when you are feeling up to it. {{{HUGS}}}

Deb said...

yay!! yes, put your mom in charge while you are away!!

listen, i am just coming out of my pms fog, and of course feeling great after one of the worst weeks ever. just keep praying and trust that in the end you will feel better and stronger!

don't worry about us.. we are here for you whenever you can make it by.

ps: those tomatoes look awesome. congrats to the boys!!!

Jillene said...

Good luck with the surgery. You know that if you have any questions--you can e-mail me.

YUMMY tomatoes!!

YAY for pedicures--they are the BEST!!

Amy said...

Of course I will help keep your bloggy friends informed! And I will be there for you, whatever you need!

Mimi said...

Oh man I wish we would have got tomato plats in this year.

I'll be praying for you.

Mom said...

I will be there soon so don't worry about what you didn't get done. I will do it when I get there. I will play a cleaning game with JP and R okay? I am getting my coloring skills ready and my story reading ready and what ever else I can think of the boys will want to do. Maybe we will take them to Wall-Mart and let them pick out a Transformer okay. Oh and dont forget your back rubs are on thier way. You love them. I will be happy to keep your blogger friends updated for you with Amy. No worries, we will take care of anything you need done.

Jenni Jiggety said...

Look at those tomatoes!!

Good luck with your surgery! I wish you a very speedy recovery!

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