Sunday, July 5, 2009

Weekend Pictures

Look at this Spread! Hubby made a Fabulous 4th of July Feast! Smoked Ribs and Brisket....Crab legs and Shrimp. Believe me when I say we waddled away from the table!!
This is the first tomato of the season. Yum!

This is R's booboo. He fell at the pool the other day. And he was such a trooper, he only whimpered for about 5 seconds.

Sunflowers Blooming already!!

Green Peppers almost ripe enough to pick!!

Another Sunflower

And my new Cookbook that I won from Jeannie. YAY! I have been drooling over the recipes all weekend. I just don't know which one to try first! Thanks again Jeannie!!

I hope everyone is enjoying their Holiday weekend!


Queenie Jeannie said...

You blogged about it already, lol!!! How funny! Your feast is the BOMB and has all my favorites - yummo!!!

I guess tomorrow you can start a diet?? I suggest the cheesecakes - to die for and very easy to make!

Shelly said...

Yummo! Hooray for hubby! I love the sunflowers!! Wish I could grow them like that...we planted some in our yard but they didn't grow.

Kristina P. said...

My gosh! That spread looks amazing!

Rebecca Jo said...

Look at that shrimp & crab legs... YUMMMMM

Mimi said...

I am jealous! I have no tomato plants this year, my sunflowers are only 2 inches tall & your feast sounds fantastic.

As for Jeannie's cookbook I already know how amazing that is!

EmmaP said...

i think i just gained 5 lbs READING about your feast! lol! looks yummo!

John Deere Mom said...

Look at that fresh tomato...yum!!

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