Friday, July 31, 2009

Soccer medal

My middle son J received his soccer pictures and medal today. Honestly he should have gotten them months ago but our schedule didn't mesh with his coaches schedule and we just never got out to her house to pick those things up from her. My oldest, C, has a part time job delivering pizza and recently delivered to her house and she gave him the pictures to "deliver" to us. The medal he received looks like most sports medals. Soccer ball, sporty designs and his name, team name and league info on the back. As soon as he got the medal he put it on and I could see the pride he had in his eyes. I truly believe he will remember this medal forever. He was so cute as we walked around the grocery store today. As we got near to each and every shopper he held his medal out to make sure they saw it! Even when I told him that it wasn't necessary to show strangers his medal he disagreed, saying "How else are they supposed to see it?!"

OK J, you got me on that one. Wear it proudly.

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Samkay said...

aw that's so cute! Yay for J!!! :)

Deb said...

good grief, mom, really... how ELSE are they supposed to see it?!?

very, very sweet. and i love the story of the "delivery".

Jillene said...

Congrats to J!! And I don't blame him for wanting to flaunt it!!

Rebecca Jo said...

He's got a point...

Heck - I did that to my own Mini-Marathon metal... you mean you're not supposed to wear it EVERYWHERE you go?

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