Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Yes Utah....I AM talking about you!

My parents are on a cross-country road trip. They are moving from AZ to FL and since they have already done a cross country trip across the southern states they decided to tour some cities further north. I don't think they will ever be the same.
I mean that in a good way, let me explain.....I keep getting phone calls from my Mom and they sound nearly the same each time.

Mom: "WOW! OMG! I can't begin to describe how incredible this is! It's beautiful! I thought the mountains in AZ were beautiful but WOW!!! OMG!!! I....I....I can't even describe it!!!"

Me: "That's cool Mom...take pictures. Hey! By the way, I have several Blog friends who live out there......

Mom: "OMG! You should see it!! It's amazing!!! OMG OMG!!! AMAZING!!!"

I am enjoying hearing her tell me about it as much as I would enjoy seeing it. I LOVE hearing her this happy. I can hear the amazement in her voice. And I can't wait to see the pictures!

So to all my Utah buddies! Way to go....your state is awesome!

*Love you Mom!!!!


Anonymous said...

haha! That sounds like so much fun! Glad she's happy! :) Hope you are too!! Have a blessed day~

Denise said...

That is sweet, glad she is so happy.

Amy said...

Thank you! I love our mountains.

Wendyburd1 said...

How sweet!

EmmaP said...

she sounds sweet!!!

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