Monday, March 22, 2010


Do you ever just sit and daydream about all the things that you would do if you had the time or money? Like vacations you would take or home improvements that are itching to get done? Sometimes I like to take a break from the stress of everyday life and pretend that time and money aren't an issue. Then I think about things that I would love to do, such as....
-Redo our upstairs bathroom. Its horrible. Pink tile. Ugh. And the plumbing needs work. Hubby says we need to gut it and start over from scratch. With my imaginary time and money I would like to redo the bathroom in shades of slate blue and lavender. I would love a big tub with jets. A mirror that is low enough for me and the boys to see into (I have to stand on my toes to see into the mirror now....I am only 5 foot tall). Of course this bathroom redo would also include all new fluffy, soft towels, new curtains and rugs. Maybe I could just hide in there for days. It's my daydream, remember =D

-I would love to fix up our other bathroom. It is a small one with just a toilet and sink. I would love to paint it yellow and get a vanity. New floors would be nice too. And just like with the other bathroom I would love to get new towels, rugs, etc. Not sure why I want yellow....but I think it may help the room to feel bigger and brighter.

-Our kitchen would be next. OK, to be fair we already remodeled our kitchen about 7 years ago and I love it. EXCEPT for our stove top, oven and the counter stools at our kitchen bar. The stove top is old and I want a nice smooth top one. They look so nice and so easy to clean. Our oven is well.....small. Very small. And since I love to bake a small oven is a bad thing. Our stools don't quite match our kitchen. They were a cheap impulse buy and I would love have nice, sturdy stools. Ones with either a rush style seat or a wide wooden seat. And maybe they could be green to match my back splash.

-The family room is next on my daydream makeover. I would tear off all the old ugly paneling in the family room and breezeway. To be honest I have a couple of ideas for the walls back there and right now I cant decide. But I do know the panelling has to go....and we need a new rug. Nice Berber carpet. And new furniture, of course. We have unmatching furniture down there and none of is all that comfortable. So add that to the list.

-Our bedroom would look great painted Forest Green with white trim. I have always wanted to do that. I love our bedroom furniture so that could stay, but I would like to get a new mattress that would help Hubby's back. And someday I will own a real Amish quilt.

-Lastly I would have the house either painted or get new siding. Hubby does an excellent job with the yard so that's all taken care of already.

OK, back to reality. Thanks for listening to my daydream makeover. And someday hopefully one or two of these things will happen and I will share them with you!

Do you have any daydreams? Home improvments or trips you would like to take??


Shelly said...

I also daydream about things I would do if only we had the funds. :) Right now, I'm dreaming of taking a vacation.

Denise said...

Enjoyed this post.

Amy said...

I daydream about having a new truck. One that doesn't leak antifreeze or oil. One where the drivers side door closes all the way and one with a transmission that is not trying to die a slow death. That is my daydream.

EmmaP said...

i have tons of daydream makeovers... sounds like we have twinner pink bathrooms =D

Wendyburd1 said...

I know it is silly, but just to HAVE my own bathroom!! I am Sooo OCD about germs and things being a mess and my sisters are BOTH dirty slobs!! Oh, if only!!

Mom said...

I daydream that we can live in Sun City forever!!!

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