Saturday, March 20, 2010

Trains, Horses and Spiders.....Oh My!

I spent the day in my favorite place on Earth. Lancaster County PA. We had a picnic at the train yard, rode the train and did some shopping. Hubby got some supplies he needed to work on his trains and the boys got new shirts and books. When we got in the van I noticed a tarantula trying to attack us. OK, it wasn't really a tarantula but it looked like one, and it was a bit smaller. But any spider that is thick and hairy freaks me out. And a spider that is reared back with his front legs in the air like he is going to Chuck Norris us is REALLY going to freak me out. It looked like this....
Hubby killed it. That was the first time he was my hero today. He will do it two more times before this post is over.
We drove to one of our favorite restaurants and I went in to buy some coffee. We wanted to eat at Shady Maple so I just ran in, got my FAV decaf (from Bird in Hand Restaurant, in case anyone needed to know where to get some)and we hit the road again (spider-free this time!)
We did some shopping at Shady Maple market and we brought home some yummy goodies! Pies, fruit breads, whoopie pies, smoked meat sticks, cheese dogs, potato chips and Wilbur chocolate. And yes, we took a cooler, lol. After shopping we went to Shady Maple Smorgasbord. It was packed, which is normal for a Saturday. We usually avoid it during busy times but haven't been in a while so we decided to fight the crowd.
After dinner we headed home where my hero hubby did his second heroic act of the day. A STUPID driver passed an Amish buggy and cut him off. Which spooked his horse. The horse turned into the other lane and fell over. It was horrible to watch. And the poor Amish boy was alone and only about 16 years old. All dressed up like he was going out courting. My husband, who is a farmer and has worked around horses his whole life, went to help the boy. Several Amish men showed up to help too. My Hubby and the other men got the horse untangled from his tack and gear and got him standing up. Thankfully no one was hurt and the horse was only scratched up and bruised a bit. It could have ended way worse.
Once we got home Hubby rescued me from a second and MUCH BIGGER spider in the kitchen. That was heroic moment number 3.

So today was a great day. The weather was great, we had a great time, ate great food and no one was injured. Now if I could only get away from all these spiders....ugh.


Kristina P. said...

Your hubby is a true hero!

Denise said...

Kudos to your hero.

Annette W. said...

We haven't been to Shady Maple, but others like it. And we have been to the Bird In Hand restaurant...but I don't drink coffee.

Wow to your husband. I'm glad he not only desired to help the young Amish man, but was also capable.

EmmaP said...

you had me at Whoopie Pies :)

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