Sunday, January 31, 2010


For the LORD is a faithful God. Blessed are those who wait for Him to help them.
Isaiah 30:18
This is me today. Waiting. Waiting for relief. Even my percocet isn't helping much today. I spent most of my day laying on the couch. The rest of it laying in bed. I am not going to try and explain my pain, it wouldn't help and you wouldn't understand.
How about instead of understanding you just send a few prayers my way? Please?!?
Today is one of those days when it is hard to stay focused on God. Really Hard. And even though I want to....I find myself feeling negative thoughts. No matter how faithful you are, pain will do that to you. So then I feel pain AND guilt.
I know I will get through today. And tomorrow could be the same, better or worse. I will just deal with that tomorrow. Right now I am doing all I can, which is basically breathing and blinking. And typing....but not for much longer.
Thanks in advance for your prayers!


Shelly said...

So sorry to hear that you've been in so much pain! Praying for you to get some relief.

Kristin said...

Praying for you.

Amy said...

I'm sorry you are in so much pain. I hope tomorrow is better for you.

Rochelle said...

I know I can't fully understand what you are going through, but to some degree, I do. And I know it really stinks! I understand how hard it can be to feel and see God in those deep, dark, painful moments. But on the other side of those mountainous climbs through horrific pain come some awesome and stunning views. God will bring you through, just rest and let Him.

Prayers & gentle hugs for you!!

Raymond said...

I am praying for you all day. All of my thoughts are will you. Love You...

Mom said...

I am not only praying for you that God lays his healing hand upon your aching body but I am wishing I was there for the next 2 months to help you and give you back rubs. I wish you could call your doctor and let him know that your percocet isin't working now.

Alice in Wonderland said...

All my prayer and thoughts are on their way!
Thinking of you.
Big, soft hugs.

Amy B said...

I wanted you to know I am praying for you. Thank you for letting us know you were in pain so we can pray for you...Get some rest..and know we are here.

EmmaP said...

sometimes it's just enough to just "be"... prayers heading your way!

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