Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tuesday nonsense

Hi Bloggy Friends! I hope everyone is doing well and is healthy. I don't really have anything important to write about but I wanted to write something.

I will start with this little gem. Hubby came home from work last night, ate dinner and then got on the computer. He set his FB status to say what he had for dinner because it was SO good.
And yes, I MADE that dinner. Even if he didn't tell ME how much he enjoyed it...I got the message loud and clear. Thanks Hubby!!

My friend Amy's Dad needs prayers. He is going for a cardiac cath on Thursday. They know he needs some kind of treatment and the cath will give them a better idea what he needs. Please say some prayers for his healing and for the whole family to have peace during this hard time.

I feel like I am coming down with a cold. That by itself isn't too bad. I can handle that....a little Nyquil and I'm all set. The problem is that my body doesn't handle new stuff well......which means that it is already reeling from missing my Methotrexate a few days ago and now it is fighting a cold. Not good. I am in so much pain and so weak I can barely move off the couch. I did manage to throw dinner in the crockpot. Now I am counting down the minutes until R's nap time. I hope to sleep until J gets home and then continue to rest on the couch. I have pain meds available to me but I don't like to take them during the day. I am tired enough without them and I am always afraid I might fall asleep or miss something. So I will just curl up and wait until bedtime for my pain meds. Ugh.

C is a senior in High School. This is his last year on the Robotics team (not a HS team, a regional team but after HS they have to become mentors and not actually compete). In a couple months they will be going to upstate NY for a big competition. We have NEVER been able to go. This year I am all but begging Hubby to find a way for us to go. This is it.... His senior year. His last year to compete. Our last year to go to this event to cheer them on. Hubby is trying his best to find a way. I will let you know if this works out for us.

Hmmmmm.....I cant think of any more nonsense to write about. I'm not sure if that is because life is pretty boring right now or because I am so tired. Either way I'm done. Its nap time.



The girl with the flour in her hair said...

Sorry you've been feeling a bit unwell...thinking of you!

Annette said...

Goodness, Denise! You have a lot going on!

Praying for your cold and meds adjustment...and that you find a way to get to see your son compete!

AmyLK said...

Keep reminding Hubby of the trains to see on the way there. REST, REST and MORE Rest! Let me know if there is anything I can do to help (without getting your germs of course!). ANYTHING!

Beth in NC said...

I pray you feel better!

Missy said...

I had a senior last year. You definitely need to go! Once they start college, they do not allow you to tag along as much!
Hope your pain eases!

EmmaP said...

you sound cheery in spite of not feelin well... and are you going to share this fabulous recipe with US??? :)

Deb said...

oh that is awful about amy's dad, but hopefully it will give him some answers. moody's friend has to have the same thing this friday. scary.

so exciting about C. i hope you guys can get up there to cheer him on!!!

♥Georgie♥ said...

I will keep Amy's dad in my thoughts and prayers and hoping you get better soon!


here's to you getting back to your old self again!

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