Saturday, January 9, 2010


I went Wednesday for a root canal. The whole idea of having a root canal scared the crap out of me (not literally, thankfully!) but my Dentist is pretty cool and hands out Valium scripts to chickens like me. So I took my Valium and headed in there. He drilled on me for nearly 2 hours....YES! I said 2 hours people. THEN he told me that my nerve canal was too thin (apparently its the only part of me that is thin) and that I needed to see a specialist. What?!? Really? It took him nearly 2 hours to figure that out?!? So he filled the tooth in, told me he wasn't charging me and gave me the number of a specialist. When I got home one of my other teeth started hurting. That tooth also needs a root canal. Sjogrens is ruining my teeth. There is no way to avoid it. I use prescription toothpaste and everything but eventually the Sjogrens will win. Dentures are in my it or not.
Ok, back to my toothache story. This other tooth hasn't stopped hurting. I called the dentist yesterday to boo hoo....his office called me prescriptions for an antibotic and vicodin. Even with the vidocin I am in pain. And I don't see the dentist until next Thursday.
So please...pray for me and my stupid teeth. Pray that I get some relief from this toothache. Please.
Me and my tooth appreciate it.


AmyLK said...

Prayers said! HUGS~

Queenie Jeannie said...

Oh ouch!! I hate dentists and have had some real horror stories. Toothache pain is the most painful. Hugs honey!

Deb said...

there really isn't too much worse than tooth pain! i have been "fortunate" enough to have a root canal myself, but clearly not to the horrid extent you have, but i do know it is such a nightmare.

i am sorry you are having to deal with yet another complication of your wretched disease. :(

Kristina P. said...

Oh, no! And Deb is right. Tooth pain is so excruciating.

Kevin said...

Its really hard to handle whenever we experience toothache and its very painful. Hope that your tooth ache will get better

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