Saturday, January 23, 2010

Liver, Methotrexate and listening to my own advice

Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything. James 1:2-4

I have been trying my best to accept things that happen as God's will. To be ok and to KNOW that God has a plan. It is not my place to ask questions. I am just supposed to lean on Him.
OK God....I am leaning. Help me to not doubt. To not question. To not wonder. To give it all up to you. Help me please. Amen.

Friday I went to see my Rheumatologist. If you have followed me for awhile you will remember last spring when I came off the Enbrel for a few months so I could start on the Methotrexate. This was my Rheumys idea. He thought my PCP jumped into the Enbrel too soon. I did it. I had several BAD months. It took nearly 6 months of building up the Methotrexate in my system along with SEVERAL dosage increases to get where I was starting to feel better. To notice a difference. It didn't "fix" me, but it helped. And believe me.....any help is a good thing. When I saw him on friday he told me that the Methotrexate is hurting my liver. And he told me to SKIP my next dose.....have bloodwork next weekend and then resume on the Methotrexate at HALF doses.

Really? REALLY? I know I can't risk damaging my liver. But I also know that a lower dosage doesn't help me. Maybe on the inside it does....maybe it helps stop my disease from affecting my internal organs. Maybe is stops it from progressing. But it DOESN'T help me FEEL better. It doesn't help me get out of bed in the morning. It doesn't help me to get through my day or take care of my kids.

So here I am.....freaked out that the next month or two (or more!) will be bad. Hubby told me that maybe this will work out so that I can go back on the Enbrel (which helped). He also said that maybe this is God's will and it will work out for a few other things going on in our lives. hubby said that. Hearing him think like that warmed my heart....and helped me to get through a very dark and sad friday afternoon.

I have to trust in the doctor....because I don't want liver damage. I WILL make it through no matter how rough the next month or so will be. I have great people in my life who will help me. And I have God. and God has me.


Annette said...

Oh, goodness. Praying for you...your liver...and God's plans.

Kristina P. said...

That is sucky. I am so sorry, Denise.

AmyLK said...

You can lean on me too. And I think out of all the things Hubby could have said, those were the BEST, most comforting ones he could have chosen. Go Hubby!

Mom said...

I am not worried that your liver will take a turn for the worst. I know that God will put his healing hand on your pretty little liver and heal it for you thru prayer. As for hubby and what he said to you in your darkest hour that day well you and I both know that all the prayers from his mom, you and me were working hard that day. It has been a few days but I am still reeling from that one. He is coming around, slowly but surely. Lastly I don't need to say this but I will, I am here for you 24x7 to talk, listen, cry, laugh, vent or whatever you need and whenever you need it and you know that. My prayers are up there for you and this is when I wish I lived not near you but with you so I could take away your burden and do all your housework, help with the kids and even cook, that's right I said it even cook. It is a shame we are moving to Florida and not to NJ in April but that is God's will too. At least we will be closer to you and able to drive up and help when you need help. I Love You Babe. (((Hugs))) Muah!

Missy said...

Denise, it is ok to ask God, to question him, as long as you do it with respect. I, too, know that He has a plan for me and I trust Him. Questioning Him is not always doubting Him. He may just tell you why you are going thru this.
I am having liver probs also. I have a fatty liver that actually hurts. I thought my pain was gallbladder related, but after having it removed, the pain is still there.
God will see you thru this!
I will be praying for you!

Deb said...

ugh, what a blow. i can't believe you are having to have your medicine changed again! your hubby is right and yay for hubs!

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