Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Stupid and Useless Facts about Me

-When I was a kid and had to set the table, I would not sit down to eat unless everyone had matching silverware. Mom had several different patterns and this bugged me to no end. Now I have several patterns too and I don't care if anyone uses silverware, let alone if it matches. Sorry Mom!

-I am not sure what my real hair color is.

-I have been a student at three different colleges, for 3 different majors and have never finished any of them.

-My favorite time of day is 30 minutes after the boys go to bed. When it is finally quiet.

-When I was a kid I wanted to be a psychiatrist. I loved listening to people complain and thought that would make a good career choice.

-I worked at a Dog Kennel one summer and it is my favorite job of all time (right after being a mommy, of course!)

-I do not have a close relationship with my brother. But it is getting better now that he uses text messaging.

-My family had English Bulldogs when I was growing up and I would LOVE to have another one now. But I would settle for another Boxer. (OK Honey??!?!?)

-I once walked in on a man climbing in my window. I yelled at him and he left. That was probably the second dumbest thing I ever did.

-I absolute dumbest thing I ever did was open the door at 3am when someone rang my doorbell. What the heck was I thinking? Thank God it wasn't a robber or worse!

-I never wanted a daughter. Ever. (sorry to all the Girl Mamas out just wasn't for me)

-I have had 5 bladder operations. I still pee when I laugh and sneeze.

-I love singing along with kid shows and movies.

-I am a terrible singer.

-Two of my best friends used to date my brother. That wasn't really a fact about me. sorry.

-I cannot ice skate or Rollerblade.

-I have a kick-ass beach cruiser bicycle with coaster brakes and some day I will be able to ride it again. YES I WILL!!!

-My biggest fear is losing one of my kids.

-My second biggest fear is losing my Hubby.

-I am Not afraid to die.

-I am learning to trust myself as a mom. And not bend to other peoples expectations of what I should or shouldn't do.

-I think of lots of things to blog about when I am lying in bed at night and can't sleep. but I forget them all by morning.

-I am looking forward to J starting school in the fall, except for the early morning part. Ugh.

-I am NOT a morning person.

-I make lists. Lists of everything. And then make more lists about the lists that I already made lists for. It is a compulsion and I learned it from my mother. Gee Thanks Mom!

-I am a messy person. Not dirty but messy. And yes, there is a difference.

-I hate yard work. I hate sunbathing. I hate the heat. and I love Air Conditioning. In my book all of those things are related.

-I wish Hubby would say yes to either a trampoline or a bounce house. Not to spoil the boys but to wear them out so I can get more rest. Smart thinking, right?!?

-I believe that shoes should be optional and I take offense at No shoes No service signs.

-I believe Marriage should only be between a Man and a Woman.

-I believe in the right to Bear Arms. We are proud supporters of the NRA. And for anyone who thinks limiting lawful gun owners rights will help the crime statistics I beg you to consider that the UNLAWFUL gun owners will not be affected by these laws and will still have their guns. And they will KNOW that we don't have guns. This gives them the advantage and I don't like it.

-I don't like poodles. or small yappy dogs. Why bother? Just get a cat.

-I don't like cats either.

-I like all other animals. Really, I do.

-Bugs freak me out. But I CAN kill them. Unless they are too big or have a stinger. Then I leave them be and wait for hubby to kill them.

-I love camping. I love our camper. I even love sleeping in it when we are in our yard.

-I was a Brownie and a Girl Scout. My mom was our leader.

OK, thats enough for now. Anyone feel like they know me better? Yeah, probably not. LOL


Rebecca Jo said...

Love these!

And I totally get the difference between Messy & dirty!!!!

Kristina P. said...

I love that you don't know what your real hair color is!

And my husband wants an English Bulldog so bad!

In fact, I have a small, mini personal laptop, and I turned it on this morning, and my husband out a Bulldog in a top hat as my wallpaper!

Mom said...

I probably should not even comment on these Facts about you since for me some of them have good things to remember and some I have issues with. Mostly becasue you didn't go into detail about how you would drive me crazy with some of them and others I totally love and enjoy hearing about. So enough said.

Amy said...

OOO! I knew most of this stuff! But enjoyed reading it anyway.

I vote for a trampoline! lol All kids like those!

Deb said...

okay, this might be my favorite post of yours ever (except the one about the bad kids at the beach that you happen to be related to!).

i loved reading all these fun things about you! are english bulldogs those little ones like martha stewart has?

i bet the kennel job was awesome. i would love to do something like that.

i have started keeping a pad and pencil by my bed because the same thing happens to me! but i usually find that in the morning, my ideas don't sound quite as good as they did the night before.

John Deere Mom said...

My favorite time of day is the same! Love the quiet...and when I can finally exhale.

Anonymous said...

i now know how you feel about my small, yappy dogs....hahahaha....well i guess it's not funny to you!

in case you didn't already guess...this is from your neighbor

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