Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Crazy 8's

I stole this from Soxy Deb at Postcards from the Edge

Eight things I am looking forward to.

1-Girls night In with Amy this Friday night. We are going to eat homemade ice cream and watch Bride Wars.
2-Strawberry Shortcake. YUM! I made the shortcake and cut the strawberries this morning :-)
3-Our camping trip this month. We are going to Lancaster County, PA. While we are there we are meeting up with Amy and her son and all going to ride on Thomas the train.
4-Our camping trip in July. This trip we are heading to Yogi Bear campground in Quarryville, PA. They have a super-cool waterpark where we will spend all our days. And they show movies on the lawn at night. And they have a million activities to keep us all busy and smiling.
5-My surgery in August. Sick, I know but I cant wait to get it done and over with.
6-For my Methotrexate to start working.
7-For R to be completely potty-trained.
8-And last but not least, for the garden to be ready. I love summer because of all the fresh produce.

Eight things I did yesterday.
1-Survived a wicked Thunderstorm. It felt like a Hurricane. There was lots of damage to cars and homes in our area.
2-Read the Bible.
3-Spent way too much time on Facebook
4-Pulled a deer tick off R's penis. Ugh. That was NOT pleasant and I was growling the whole time because Hubby was at work. He should have done it, not me.
5-Took a shower
6-Talked to Amy and my Mom on the phone
7-Lied to my kids that the clocks were wrong because of the power outage. They were skeptical but I still managed to get them to bed early. LOL
8-Finished watching Season 1 of True Blood.

Eight things I wish I could do.

1-Eat and not gain weight. Or better yet, eat and lose weight.
2-Ride my bike. I miss this more than I can explain.
3-Win the lottery.
4-Talk my parents into moving back East.
5-See my friends more often.
6-Keep my house clean. Even Flylady can't save me.
7-Have my High School body back. Size 9 with perky boobs. Yep. I would love to have that back.
8-Camp more. We used to take 4-6 camping trips a year but now we are down to 2-3.

Eight shows I watch.

Greys Anatomy
Jon and Kate plus 8
Deadliest Catch
Saving Grace

Eight favorite fruits.

Honeydew Melon

Eight places I'd like to travel.

North Carolina

Eight places I've lived.

Wilmington, DE
S****, NJ
M*********, NJ

Ok, there is my list. Thanks again to Soxy Deb who gave me something to post today. Feel Free to copy if you want to....just let me know if you do so I can come read your list.


Rebecca Jo said...

OK... pulling a tick off of a penis!!! I think you win an award for that one!!!!

Soxy Deb said...

Great list!

I feel bad for the lil one with the tick on his penis!! That's awful! It's a good thing you found it though.

Jillene said...

POOR RAY!! And you of course--NASTY!!

I hate to camp. HATE HATE it.

Kristina P. said...

I wish I could come over and have strawberry shortcake with you!

Missy said...

The Tick! Wow! Great post!

Mom said...

Can we all say Mother of the Year???? You win the prize for taking that tick off for sure.

Loved this blog today. It was one of your better ones yet. It shows you are starting to feel a little (not a lot) better.

How do you come up with 8 of everything? I would have such a hard time.

Glad you are sort of back again. AQnd one of my favorite is tlking on the phone to you too. Hugs

Amy said...

you win for the tick on R's penis! ewww!! Brave Mom!!

I can't wait for GNI and the Trains! Both are going to be so much fun!

Amy said...

OH. I think the meds are working a little. You have been doing a little more than you were before you started them. You survived the races 2 days in a row. And you didn't need a week to recover.

Now, if you can survive the tummy trouble and being dizzzzzyy............ HUGS!

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