Monday, May 4, 2009

Weekend trip and medical update

Wow....not sure how many days since I posted my last blog. We left friday on a quick vacation. It was a trip to PA (where we go visit several times each year) and we spent Friday night in a Caboose. Before we got to the motel, we went to Maplehoffers to buy milk. Then we went to the Strasburg Railroad and set the boys loose in the Thomas store. They had Christmas money saved for just an occasion. After that we headed over to the Toy Train Museum. After seeing all the Toy trains we checked into our Caboose.The boys were thrilled. The Cabooses are all real cabooses that have been gutted and remade into motel rooms. Our room had a queen bed and bunks. And J could look out his window and see the Strasburg RailRoad. By this time we were all tired and laid down for a short nap and then headed out to dinner. Since R is potty training we took his potty everywhere we went and he did great. Except for #2, he still wont do that on the potty and makes big messes for me to clean. Ew. Saturday morning we were all up very early and headed out to breakfast. I love Breakfast at Bird-in-Hand Restaurant. LOVE IT. Mainly because of their Baked French Toast, which is heavenly. I plan to try a million recipes until I figure out how to make it just like them. YUM! After checking out of the motel we headed to Shady Maple Market for pies to bring home and then on to Cabelas. We haven't been there since J was a baby so it was awesome that both J and R were old enough to enjoy it. They loved seeing all the animals and fish. It was a very nice trip but I was very happy to get back home. Trips like this are rough for me. Too much going on in a short amount of time.
Did I loose anyone yet? This is turning into a very long post....sorry.

Now for my medical update. (which I still cant believe that I talk about on here)I had a visit with the specialist that MY specialist sent me to. He wanted to make sure that she agreed with my diagnosis and treatment plan. And she does. I have Sjogrens with Fibromyalgia. She said that over 90% of Sjogrens patients have Fibro and it pretty much goes hand in hand. She said that she agrees that I should start on the Methotrexate but that it will be around 6 weeks before I start to feel any improvement. She also thinks I should switch from one of my current meds to Cymbalta. She said that it is helping most of her Fibro patients, so that sounds promising. But I cannot start cymbalta until I am on the methotrexate for 6-8 weeks. That is all good news.....she is hopeful that once I am on both of these new meds that I will feel a big improvement. She also said that I need to start walking even though it is and will continue to be painful, in the long run it will be beneficial. I plan to check out some yardsales to see if I can find a cheap treadmill....for bad weather days.
Tomorrow I go see my PCP and wednesday I see my surgeon. If she clears me I will probably be starting the Methotrexate by next week. This is both exciting and scary. But I am praying that it will all work out and I will be a semi-normal (not sick) person again someday.


Kristina P. said...

I hope these medications help you feel better, Denise. You deserve so much!

Young Momma said...

I know I've been super absent, but I've been thinking of you!!! I hope you get to start the meds ASAP and that they help GOOD and also ASAP! (((hugs)))

Rebecca Jo said...

What a fun weekend!!!! And a yummy breakfast to boot - how can you go wrong!

I'm excited for you .. light at the end of the tunnel with your meds! 6-8 weeks is NOTHING compared to what you have been feeling & maybe they'll kick in earlier too (I'll pray for that) And just take slow walks.. you dont have to get out there & book it - just slow progress is better then nothing! At least a bit of time walking is time you dont have to be cleaning up poop - hehe!!!

John Deere Mom said...

Good luck. Hope the meds work!!

Mimi said...

It sounds like a great trip.

I'm praying that you see an improvement in your health with these new meds.

I just got your package mailed out yesterday. Sorry about the delay!

Mom said...

Don't worry about being gone for a day, two days or longer. Your blogger friends are thinking about you and know you will be back again when your feeling better.

I would love to go with you on one of those trips. I love going to that part of PA.

I can't wait till you get started on that new med and wish you could do the Cymbolta too but at least they are going to let you have that later.

Tink said...

Oh my heck, Lancaster area is one of our fave visits to visit! It's gorgeous Amish country. I hope you get feeling better with these meds!

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