Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Getting it off my chest

I read a lot. Mostly Christian book with some thrillers thrown in for good measure. I also read a lot of blogs. No surprise there. I like to think that reading can and will help me to be a better mom and wife. Whether I read about child-raising tips, recipes or Biblical Principals....I like to try and use all that new information to better myself. There is one drawback to this. When I read I realize how far I need to go to make myself better. I would not consider myself a good (or even Godly) wife or mother. Even though that is exactly what I want to be. I find myself yelling too much or putting myself first before my family. Both make me feel guilty, but guilt can't undo what done. Each day needs to be a fresh start. A new beginning. All I can do is learn from my past mistakes, use my newly read knowledge and Pray I will not screw up as badly today as I did yesterday.

Dear Heavenly Father, please work through me and guide me through my day. Help me to Glorify you in all that I do. And please forgive me when I screw up. Amen


Jillene said...

So true. I am a yeller and I always feel so quilty afterwords. I just hope that my kids forgive me. I try really hard to be better and I pray really hard for help and guideance. I just do the best I can--at that is all that you can do to!!

~Jamie said...


Rebecca Jo said...

Amen sister!

I heard someone pray one time "Lord, may I be a better man today then I was yesterday. And may tomorrow, may I be better then I am right now"

That's all we can do - take it one day at a time with fresh starts each new day!!! Keep trying - keep pressing on for better!

Mom said...

Stop beating yourself up over being human. You are a very good Christian mommy and your kids are going to love you today, tomorrow and forever.
Jillene said it so goo be the best you can be that day and do that daily.
You know God forgives you and the kids probably needed you telling them something in a louder voice than normal because your softer normal voice wasn't working.

PS... I loved your little prayer at the end. It was well put and to the point. LOL

Now stop worrying and just be yourself because I have seen you with your kids and you are a terrific mom. {{{Hugs}}}

Amy said...

You are a terrific Mom! And when you are dealing with your illness, you have to come first sometimes. I am amazed at all you do for everyone around you, especially when I know how you are really (or at least what you tell me) feeling. You have 3 wonderful, loving sons!

No one can be perfect all the time, just love yourself as you are.

Deb said...

oh girl... i feel ya'. but you ARE such a committed mom and christian and wife and a wonderful person. i know that's not why you wrote the post, and you just need to let it out, but you have to know what a special person you are.

i think a lot of blogs focus on only the good things in people's lives (which is FINE and good), but even those super moms out there aren't perfect. EVERYONE struggles. EVERYONE!

Wendyburd1 said...

Amen! They are all right though, if you were perfect you wouldn't be here, wouldn't be human. Each day IS a new chance to try again!!

Becky Sue said...

You are by far from alone ... I will say the prayer with you!

I have found that my weakest moments for yelling are when I am trying to read, or maybe just spending too much time at the computer! So if I break my time up and share more smaller moments, then everyone is happy :)

Shelly said...

I know how you feel. I sometimes beat myself up for not being the mom I know I should be. But thankfully, there is GRACE. Small word, but HUGE blessing! All we can do is our best.

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