Sunday, May 10, 2009

Random stuff

I have a bunch of things bumping around in my head, fighting for top priority. I think I need to spill all these thoughts out so I can focus on the really important stuff.

-R is doing really good potty training....even pooping. Yay R!

-My Dad is not doing very well and needs prayers. So does my Mom since she takes care of Dad.

-I really need to lose weight. I also really need a treadmill but hubby says we cant afford it....anyone have a spare one they dont want??

-Im so glad that today is not as hot as yesterday....and the Sun is still shining.

-C has a huge AP Chemisty test this week. I am praying he does well.

-Veggies Tales. I love Veggies Tales. We recently discovered them and can't believe they arent more popular than they are. They are so cute, and have such great messages (Biblical based). And I am so thankful that my boys love them too....It's be over a week since they have watched any show on Nickelodeon. And that makes me very happy. Because even if they watch the harmless shows like Dora, Wow Wow Wuzby, etc....they end up seeing commercials that make them beg for toys and commercials that make them want to watch Spongebob or OddParents. I dislike those shows. And as much as my boys seemed to love them....they dont seem to miss them now.

-I really need to clean. or somehow get my kids to do it. Either way, it needs to be done. Soon.

-My hubby just called from work to wish me a Happy Mothers Day <3

-I feel like I have been so neglectful of the blogs I am following....I rarely get to read or comment lately. Hopefully soon I will find a way to do a better job.

-I really would love a Hydrangea bush. (see, I told you these were random thoughts, lol)

-What should I make for dinner? And on the same topic...Why havent I kept up on my monthly meal planning? That is on my to-do list for the week.

-Speaking of my To-Do list for this week, here it is:
Monday morning....fasting blood test
Tuesday afternoon...Doctors appointment and T-ball game
Wednesday...nothing yet
Thursday evening....Dinner with C and Tonya. C got picked for Boys' State or something like that. Thursday night is a dinner for the kids and their parents. I hope people don't get the wrong idea when he shows up with his two mom's. ROFL
Friday...Prom. Drop kids off at my SIL then go take pics of C and his girlfriend Sam. Then more pics at the school.

-I really hope that is all I have to do this energy is running low.

-I need to go play with J

Have a happy day!


Kristina P. said...

I will be praying for your dad. Happy Mother's day!

Kenia Cris said...

Hope I'm not late for a 'Happy Mother's day" wish! May God bless you more and more each day. Kisses!

Em said...

Your parents are in my thoughts.

From one Veggie Tale loving mama to another - Happy Mother's Day!!!

(forget the blog guilt, will ya? I will if you will :-)

Wendyburd1 said...

Hope you had a good day and I LOVE Hydrangea's!!

Jillene said...

I just can't wait until I can get back on my treadmill. Hopefully Friday.

Prayers coming your way for your parents--I hope things get better!!

Mom said...

Thanks for the prayers from you and all your blog friends. We upped the doseage for the new med and think that will help him feel much better.

I wish I could send my treadmill to you, but it would cost more to ship it than if you went out and bought one. (Tell hubby your doctor said to walk and with that you could walk everyday rain or shine)

Now STOP you worries about not reading or writting your blog's. Eveeryone knows your going thru a very tough time. If you worry about this your going to make yourself sick in other ways. (Hugs)

Samkay said...

Have fun on Thursday! I was trying to figure out what all the stuff about Thursday was about when you and Tonya were talking about it. And why must you take pictures on Friday? Along with everybody else in his family? (that is meant more for the fact that like half of Fred's family is gonna be here LOL)

Deb said...

i want a hydrangea, too! they do really well here, and i think we are probably in the same gardening zone.

you really have the best parents. you are so lucky and i will pray for them.

we've got a week of big tests, too.

Christian said...

How old are your boys again? The ORIGINAL creator of veggietales has a new web-based show called Jelly-Telly. MY KIDS LOVE JELLY TELLY! After watching a couple of episodes with them I was very impressed, great messages, even kind of deep sometimes, but on their level. it is just go to and you can watch shows online. AWESOME.

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