Sunday, April 11, 2010


Hubby took the cover off the camper yesterday and we slept in it last night. The boys were so excited, especially R because this was his first time sleeping on the top bunk. He felt like he was all grown up. From now on the boys have to take turns sleeping on the top bunk. J was NOT happy about this, I guess it felt like a demotion to him, lol Opening the camper is like our family's official start of spring. It feels good and it makes us excited for the warm weather. As much as we all love our camping trips in the backyard we love our "real" camping trips even more.....and we can't wait for the first one. Hurry up Summertime!

My parents arrived safely in Florida today. They are exhausted but happy to be there. My niece is spending the week with them and helping them unpack.
And speaking of my parents, tomorrow is their Anniversary.

Happy Anniversary to the BEST Parents EVER!!!
Leave some comment love for Mom & Dad...Thanks!


Mom said...

I remember camping with you and your brother when you were growing up and how much fun we had. I know how excited you are about spring and getting ready to go camping for real.

Thanks for the Anniversary wish. We are happy to be in our new house in Florida. It was nice that it was ready a week ahead of time and we could just move right in when we got here.

We Love You Babe!!!

EmmaP said...

makes me wanna go camping!

Denise said...

Happy Anniversary to your precious parents.

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