Friday, April 9, 2010

I'm NO Doctor BUT......

I went to a new doctor today, an ortho. He was supposed to be checking my lower back, my hips, etc. No lie....the man had me undress, get into a gown, bend down like I was going to touch my toes, roll my head around then had me lay flat on the exam table. He grabbed my right foot, flexed it, bent my knee and pushed it towards the other leg. Then did the same with my left foot and leg. That's it. Seriously.
I am not a doctor and other than taking Anatomy/Physiology 1, I have no medical knowledge but I can GUESS that if you are examining a persons back and hips you need to physically SEE them and touch them!!!

At least that is what this uneducated patient thinks.



Kristina P. said...


Queenie Jeannie said...

That's what you get with "free" healthcare!!!

*sarcasm off*

So sorry this happened. What a waste of time!!! I'd see someone else!!! I hope your back, hips and everything else feels better pronto! No more quacks!

Mom said...

You seriously need to go to a pain doctor. The guy you went to today is a total quack. You should have asked him some questions like what do you think is wrong with my lower back? Are there any x-rays or MRI that will show how damaged my bones are now? Of course you were probably in total shock and didn't think to ask him anything right? Poor baby, I wish I could just come over there and give you a hug. Then rub your back for you for about an hour or more.

Denise said...

That is crazy.

Samkay said...

I know they sometimes do that to see your range of motion. but he should have done more than just those things....cuz my spine doctor did all those things when he was doing my scoliosis check about a year ago. he asked alot of questions tho and stuff like that

Mimi said...

I have an appointment scheduled with a pain management doctor. Take the plunge with me, you know you want to, lol!

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