Friday, February 19, 2010

The first step is admitting it

Want to know a secret?

Ok....scratch that. It hasn't actually been a secret because I have been in SERIOUS denial about this. I have not told anyone, not hubby, not mom or dad, not Amy. No one. Why? Because if I SAID the words, it would make it too real. If I don't say them, then I can live in my happy little world of denial.

Now your wondering what this is about and could it really be THAT big of a deal?!? Honestly, yes. At least for me. It is scary for me.

I am losing my sense of taste. It started gradually, awhile ago. I originally thought I had burned my tongue and didn't remember doing it. But after weeks turned into months I realized that this wasn't a temporary thing. And it is getting worse.

So I am telling you, then my doc at my next appointment. Maybe there is something that can be done. Maybe it is a side effect from one of the meds I take. Or maybe it is just the Sjogrens progressing.

No matter what it is, I don't like it.

Another confession for today.....eating chocolate burns my mouth. Crazy, right??

Does anyone know where I can trade in this beaten-up, sick body for a new healthy one?


AmyLK said...

Oh No Chocolate! Not Chocolate!

My other friend with Sjorgrens has to watch what she eats because things burn her mouth too.

Definitely have to tell the Dr.

If I knew where you could trade bodies, I'd share the info with you.

Deb said...

oh denise, that is not good. i agree with amy, you have to tell the dr.

facing reality sucks sometimes. we are here for you.

Mom said...

First I have to say I am sad because we tell each other EVERYTHING, what happened to that part of our closeness. Well we will deal with that another time. Second, don't you remember how I went thru everything burning my mouth with my Bechett's. How about when I couldn't eat chocklat because of the taste in my mouth was awful. I take meds for my disease and my taste is slowly coming back. I don't have all of it back but I can eat chocklate again and I can eat other things that I couldn't for over a year or more. You can get thru this with the help from your doctor and the help from friends and family. Now I have to put this doown and give you a call so we can talk about the not telling me issue.

Anonymous said...

Oh no! I will be praying for you. Definitely tell your doctor. 'Cause you do want to get back to eating chocolate without it burning, right? ;) Have a blessed weekend!

Kristina P. said...

Oh, man, that really sucks!

Queenie Jeannie said...

Hugs honey!

Hopefully the doctor will straighten out your meds soon. I hope your Mom didn't fuss at you too much. It means we care!! I fuss at my kids the same way, lol!

EmmaP said...

wow. i have never even heard of such a thing! hope they can figure it out!!! otherwise, what is the point of eating DELICIOUS food -- right?

Tonya said...

Dear Denise, I am sorry to hear that you are losing your taste. I will keep you in my prayers. I do know a healthy substitute for chocolate and that is CAROB. They have carob powder for milk, carob candy and other things. Also, maybe eating fresh fruit for a few days will help because you know we get a new set of taste buds every 7 least that is what I have been told.

Rochelle said...

Ohhh my goodness, this makes me so sad for you. And yet how fleeting we realize this life truly is... and how quickly we will be in Heaven, in our eternal/resurrected/perfect bodies where we will have no more sickness and no more pain. Oh how I look forward to that day. This is our one chance to fully bring glory and honor to God through our suffering. My hope & prayer for the both of us is that we'll be able to stand up under this trial, with God's strength, and finish this great race with perseverance knowing that it's all about Him and not at all about us.

But I know it really sucks. You can cry on my electronic shoulder anytime you want. ;)

Praying for you, bloggy friend!!!

Grand Pooba said...

Seriously, that is horrible! Especially CHOCOLATE! And it's even worse during Easter time...what about those cadbury eggs????

I am so sorry.

Tracie said...

Oh no! I hope it is a temporary thing.

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