Sunday, February 7, 2010

Dear Cupid

Dear Cupid,

If you are reading this and wondering what would make me SWOON on Valentines day.....let me just tell you that I don't need chocolate......I don't need flowers......oh no! this Valentines day the ONLY thing I want is ...........

Someone to mop my floors.

Romantic, huh?

What do you want this Valentines Day???


Mom said...

I love this Denise. It is a great idea for any and all husbands who don't want to go out shopping or can't afford to pay for good expensive chocklate or flowers. I think more women should ask for things like this because it isn't something they will offer.

EmmaP said...

first, i want flowers and chocolate! hahha! j/k

actually - i don't even care as long as it involves Big-D making me feel special :)

of course, if he told me he loved me or gave me a ring, i'd probably crap my pants! I mean, I'd love it... and then I'd be humiliated over the whole crapping my pants thing. So -- there you have it ;)

AmyLK said...

I'll come over and mop for you! Just let me know when.


i second that emotion

M-Cat said...

I would totally take floor mopper. Or wall washer, or anything domestic right now (besides a cat).

gah - the effects of getting older!

Missy said...

Good one! You need someone to mop it with a H2O steam mop! It makes me love mopping!

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