Saturday, November 21, 2009

A small Rant about Rudeness

I hope I don't offend anyone with this post. And if I do, I apologize BUT I need to vent about this. WHY don't people RSVP anymore? Today is J's birthday party. We were allowed 12 children, 2 of which are mine. There are 10 kids in his class and many more that he wanted to invite but couldn't. IF more people would have RSVP'ed (either way....yes or no) then we could have invited more kids. I wanted my neighbors children to come but because I have no clue how many kids are showing up today, I couldn't invite them. Grrrrrrrr

So anyway...that is my complain for this morning. We are heading out in a half hour to spend 2 hours bowling with the 6 and under crowd. Yes.....I am taking Advil with me.

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend AND PLEASE! if your child comes home with an invitation, call and RSVP. Otherwise it is just rude.


Mom said...

I guess you should have written something on the invitation so they would understand your situation and make them RSVP. You know let them know that only 12 children are allowed and if they can not make it please call so you can invite someone else. I know you shouldn't have to do that since you are inviting children who also have parties and have parents who should understand the frustration of not knowing how many kids are going to show but apparently the kids you invited don't have parents who care. There I said it, and it is out there, but me personally I don't care if they like my comment. You are right, they are rude and that is being nice.

Kristina P. said...

I belong to this etiquette message board, and this is a common discussion. People forget, or they are waiting to see if something better comes up, or they think it's not that big of a deal, etc.

I host a cookie exchange every year, and last year, I decided to do a raffle, where people could earn tickets. One way people could earn them was by RSVPing by a certain date. It worked!

Em said...

I hear you.

Every time I receive an invite, I make myself sit down and RSVP right then and there, no matter what. It's not so much the parents that I'm thinking of, it's the sweet kids - my Oldest gets so excited when I can tell him so and so is going to be there, and is totally bummed when someone who says they may or may not, doesn't.

Everyone is busy - RSVP!!! Think of the kiddos.

On a side note, I hope those are extra strength Advil - have fun!

AmyLK said...

It is so frustrating to try and plan something and people don't RSVP. It did turn out nice though! I'm glad I RSVP'd and showed! :) {{HUGS}}

EmmaP said...

i hear ya... even if it is an at-home party, i would still prefer an RSVP so I know how much food to get or how many crafts, etc. Finally, on the home parties I started writing, "Regrets Only, 555-1212, otherwise we'll see you there!" That seems to help. On the away-from-home parties, esp if I have restrictions on numbers of kids, i started adding "Please RSVP by [date] so we can get a head-count". It seems as if a simple "RSVP" isn't sufficient any more. Hope the party went well...

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