Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Random stuff

Hello and Happy Tuesday.

It is Tuesday, right? yeah, I think so. J went back to school today after a 5 1/2 day break. It was nice because Hubby was off too and we spent the weekend "camping" in the back yard.

I started writing out my Christmas list but it only took a second because it only has the names of my 3 boys on it. Money is tight and is about to get MUCH tighter. Hubby's work did some big cutbacks last month and they are about to do more. They are shutting down the entire week of Thanksgiving, cutting back to 3 days a week for the month of December AND December 18th will be the last day of work this year. WHAT?!? I am praying Hubby will be eligible for temporary unemployment benefits for the remainder of December.

That being said, I am thankful that Hubby still has a job. So many of the workers were laid off last month. I pray for all of them.

Amy and I are counting down the days until New Moon premiers. I'm not so sure we will be going the first weekend.....but we are going to TRY!

I put the boys to bed an hour early tonight. Don't judge. J woke up and started arguing with me right away. He argued over everything right up until the bus came and started as soon as he got off the bus this afternoon. Sounds like a tired 5 year old to me! Off to bed!!

I need to dye my roots. Soon. I HATE dyeing my hair. Sitting alone in the bathroom.....UGH. Stupid Roots!

Back on the subject of Christmas.....as long as J and R don't change their minds between now and when we see Santa then we should be OK. I added up what is on our little list and it came to $140....that is $70 a kid. Not too bad, right? I think we can manage that without needing to sell a kidney or anything.

One last thing I want to share.....

The Lord will protect you from all dangers, he will guard your life.
The Lord will guard you as you come and go, both now and forever. Psalm 121:7-8


Kristina P. said...

I used to dye my hair myself, all the time, until I made a huge error one time. I realize that I actually liked doing it myself. I sort of miss it.

M-Cat said...

Good luck with the employment issues. Never a good time, but now? Even worse.

Prayers your way, and lots of good thoughts!

Soft Hugs to All: Laurie D. said...

I don't dye my hair. I used to when I was a size 6, and beautiful. I had a really short, red hair style that a friend said made me look like someone from Europe with the way I dressed. Now, it's back to my natural very dark brown almost black with a skunk stipe up the left side. I kind of like the skunk stripe. lol
I can certainly relate to the financial situation. This year is horrible. I don't know how we are going to do Christmas this year. My older kids understand, buy my youngest is 11 and a bit imature for his age, he is a IEP student. He knows we are short, but I think he doesn't get the concept that Christmas will be very small this year.
I pray for all of us and everyone who is being so horribly effected by this economy.
I will keep your family in my prayers.
BTW, it's OK to put them to bed early. My youngest fell asleep on the love seat at 6:30 and he is still there. lol
God Bless
Soft Hugs to you
Laurie D.

mom said...

So sorry hubbys job hours are being cut but keep praying and we will too

AmyLK said...

WOW. That hurts at the holiday time. Brother was eligible for unemloyment last year, so hubby should be as well. Its not the same as a paycheck but will help some.

Christmas will be lovely because you will all be together!

Mimi said...

Great verse. I copied it down to stick to my computer.

I'll be praying for the job situation!

WhisperingWriter said...

Sometimes I hate money...

It can get so stressful during the holidays.

Precious Gems said...

Great post. I have just written a blog you might find interesting. Take a peek!

Annette said...

So far we have been untouched in our household with cutbacks with Derek's work, but my stepfather lost his job (tiny business) after going from 5/6 days per week to 4..3...and then none. He has found new work, though temporarily. My FIL will lose his job by Christmas. Hard times.

I think your spending limit is pretty good. Do the kids have any grandparents that you could give some of the more expensive or any items to? We can't do that, but some people can.

kys said...

Sorry about your husband's job. That is bad timing.

I have been coloring my own hair for the last year. (I used to spend 100's of dollars at the salon. I hated sitting there half the day, too.) People tell me that it looks the same as when my hair guy did it. (I hate doing it though and make a HUGE mess.)

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