Sunday, November 29, 2009

Caution....whining ahead

If you dont want to read a boo-hoo post then you should move along and come back another day. Because today I am whining. I don't feel well. I am coming down with a cold. I know, that isnt a big deal. Any mom can handle her everyday things while she has a cold. I used to be one of those moms who could too. But not now. Because I have fibromyalgia. And Fibro looks for any and all reasons to flare. My cold has fueled it into a big giant ugly flare. Stupid Fibro. Stupid, stupid Fibro. I feel like a truck ran over me. And maybe backed up to run over me again.

Did I mention that I hate fibromyalgia?

So my morning is being spent on the couch, taking pain meds and hoping I can move better this afternoon. Amy and I have tickets to see New Moon. And even if I have to crawl....I AM GOING!

If you would, could you please say a prayer for me today? Im needing some extras so I can function. And tomorrow is my birthday and NOBODY wants to feel crappy on their birthday, right?!?


The girl with the flour in her hair said...

Oh, hang in there! I'm sending good vibes your way!

I really hope you're feeling better soon!

Rebecca Jo said...

Whine away... you deserve it... its your condition & its how you feel!

I do pray you feel better though - especially for your birthday!!! You are right - no one wants to feel bad for their bday!!!

Big HUGS friend!!!

CaJoh said...

Hope you're feeling better. Wouldn't want you to have anything other than a great Birthday tomorrow!

Rochelle said...

Whine whenever you need to! I know the feeling. It really, really stinks to be sick and have Fibro. :( As you saw on my blog, I'm sick too (flu, and no it's not H1N1), arggg! It is frustrating and discouraging, but alas, we'll push through like we always do, right?!

*gentle hugs & electronic soup to ya!*

kys said...

I hope your flare up goes away soon. (I have fibro too, btw.)

M-Cat said...

Fibro blows, and whine all you want to. Besides, it's your BD tomorrow and you can certainly cry if you want to!

AmyLK said...

Whine and Cry all you want. And crawl is you have too! But I'm glad you used all your spoons on me and the movie yesterday! It was a wonderful afternoon!

Trisha Pearson said...

Yes, whine all you want to. A cold is never just a cold with fibro. It's always so much harder. My husband and I had colds about a week ago. He bounced back within a few days and I'm still tired, tired, tired. I hope you feel better!

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