Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Chore Chart

Summer is coming. J's last day of school is in about 3 weeks and I have big plans for the boys. For starters we are most likely moving them back into the same bedroom then making R's room into their playroom. I am hoping this will decrease the messiness from the boys. Hopefully. Next up on the list is making chore charts for the boys. I am looking to the blogging community for help.....please give me ideas of age appropriate jobs for a 6 and 4 year old. Right now J knows how to vacuum, sweep, take out trash and recycle, and pick up. R can sweep with a dustpan, help empty the silverware out of the dishwasher, and pick up. I plan to include making their beds each morning, cleaning their room and playroom too. Any other ideas?!?

What are your plans for your kids this summer??


Mom said...

They all sound like good jobs for the kids. How about R dust for you. I know they both already carry in groceries if the bag isn't too heavy. There is only 3 more jobs I can think of and R can't do any of them. Dishes, Bathrooms and Laundry. Good Luck with them keeping to the chore chart.

Together We Save said...

My girls are out already and they are older... so they have a pretty good list of stuff to do and part time summer jobs.

Terry said...

dear denise..i saw you over at mr. old geezer's wonderful blog at where he tells how he was saved.
denise does SAHM mean stay at home mom?
if so according to our prime minister of about thirty years ago[prime minister trudeau], if the government would pay the mom's what they were worth, the government of canada would never be able to afford it!
and according to billy graham it is the most unappreciated best job in the world...for this statement, he got a standing ovation...thousands and thousands of people standing on their feet and clapping for the mothers of the world!
god bless you!
my mom was a SAHM too. she raised nine dad is not saved yet either denise...i will pray for your dear hubby...with christian love, terry

M-Cat said...

I used to have my kids make their own list of chores to be done every day. They did it the night before so I could check it. Then they were responsible for getting them done while I was at work.

My youngest once put:
"pet mini me (his hamster) 25 times"

For the most part, they were realistic, but they had some control over what they had to do. If I didn't think their list was including enough, I added, but at least they felt like they had some control.

And can I say that I am SO GLAD I AM PAST ALL THIS!!! Giddy, i tell ya!

Angel said...

Sounds like you have a good list of chores. I always let my kids pick some they enjoyed, they always did a better job at those!! Believing they will rise to the challenge.
Love and Blessings

EmmaP said...

i was also gonna say "dust". growing up whoever's turn it was to dust also had to water the plants. instead of "kitchen" i break up assignments into "help set table", "help clear table" and help with "dishes" (put away clean, etc.) I also swiffer my floors and the kids love to do that!

Jon said...

Thos are great ideas for jobs. Have you thought about how you want to make the chore chart? One thing you might consider is MyJobChart's new free online chore chart. You kids dont even have to be able to read and we have had kids as young as 4 years old be able to use it. Its easy and eliminates the hassle of printing chore charts, or using stickers, or other elaborate systems. Check it out, thousands of parents have been thrilled with its results!

Faithfulmom2 said...

I have my 6 year old son and his jobs are to empty the smaller bathroom trash, restock toilet paper and napkins, along with his bedroom.

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